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Where are all the guys?

Inspired by the Invitation: Tini, Melanie, Helen, Mary and Dixie put on thier party dresses and heels and headed to the Singles Party in Marin County at the hotel.

 The Senior Singles Party promotion promised a rousing  50/50 Male and Female Mix

As the women entered the hotel, they saw dozens of women – all dressed up and ready to party – a large registration area and bouquets of red, heart-shaped  balloons. There was not a man to be seen. Checking watches, they concluded they were not too early and wondered about the male component.

Minutes later, four men strangled in – a sea of Tommy Bahama shirts and kakhi pants. The appeared to know the organizers and put on their name tags and smiles. Then they mingled. Shills or Singles?

30 Single Women showed up that Sunday afternoon and only a Dozen Men.             The ladies were entertained by the more aggressive femme fatales who went after the men like there was no tomorrow. There were no cat fights…however, there was some jockeying for position and Trump-like pushes to the front of the line.

Not amused, not happy: The five ladies insisted upon refunds on the spot and wandered over to the San Rafael Civic Center Farmer’s Market where, every Sunday is party.

Page Larkin Consults: We met for a two-hour session on “Men and Dating at 50, 60, and 70?”

In additon to candor, there was much laughter and a swell of renewed interest in Meeting a Few Good Men.

They are on the look out…stay tuned for results.



All names have been changed to protect the Suddenly Single.




Want to find few good men? Go out to breakfast

The Yoga Babes were in a dry spell…

The group of eight friends (hovering around 50, mostly single) met every week for yoga at Mindful Body on California Street and then retreated to the Corner Coffee Shop for a light lunch and a hour of laughing. Most of the Yoga Babes were single-by-choice and had dabbled in dating – they called themselves “A Single-minded Support Group.”

Both Lisa and Jannie complained they hadn’t been on a date in weeks, many weeks. Shelly was wildly in love with a man she met online five months earlier. Barb had thrown in the dating towel was was Binge-watching TV shows like  ‘Scandal’, ‘The Good Wife’ and, ‘The Game of Thrones.’

photo_856_20060117two coffee

One morning, Shirley, the new waitress brushed by and said,

“Girls,  here is the problem: single men go out to breakfast and single women go out to lunch.

You are like trains passing in the night.  You need to go out to breakfast to meet men.”

Best Advice of the day.


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