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Top 9 Reasons to go to Marin this weekend

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Top 10 reasons to go to Marin this Weekend


1. Hardly, Strictly, a parking place in or near Golden Gate Park – as a result of the 750,000 Bluegrass fans who blanket the City. Flee!

2. Beach Party: The weather is going to be a stunner -and a great day to hit one of the numerous beaches in Marin – Go, North!

3. The Mill Valley Film Festivalrated one of the nation’s finest Film Festivals by all of Marin and  the Mark Fishkin Guidebook. Celebrating 37 years- with a small galaxy of stars, including – Hillary – The Other One- Swank who flew in from Paris last night for the Opening Party – looking tres glam in a low-cut gown. She stars in The Homesman with Tommy Lee Jones.

4. The Ferries – Take the Ferry over to Sausalito: Rent one of Mike’s Bikes (bring your own GPS – the maps provide stink) Spend the day walking the shoping-dining-drinking-streets, explore the colorful neighborhood of eclectic houseboats…walk over to the Dipsea Cafe…

5. Bike Around -The most recent accident involving a Spandex Rider hitting and injuring a small child on Bothin Trail has inspired a “Share Tho Road” campaign. Bikers are reminded  To Share The Road – at every turn- by wakers, strollers, skaters…Learn to Share.




6. Sweetwater – Okay, so no Jules Broussard…of your youth -however, Wonderbread is playing Saturday night at 8 pm.

7. Mount Tam – hands downs, Mount Tamalpais is the most breathtaking mountain in the Bay Area, it is a veritable gold-mine of fun things to do see and try…”picnicking, mountain and road cycling, horseback riding, and hang-gliding with over 100 miles of trails and fire roads. . Marin Municipal Water District maintains several reservoirs on the north slopes of Mount Tamalpais, including Alpine Lake, Kent Lake, Bon Tempe Lake, Phoenix Lake, and Lake Lagunitas.”

8. LITQUAKE  in Marin? – Next Saturday, October 10, LITQUAKE moves across the Golden Gate Bride to San Rafael for a day of readings and writing and fun. Check it out.

9. The Farmer’s Market on Sunday at the San Rafael Civic Center – is one the biggest social events in Marin County – every week. And! They have an incredible line up of the best organic produce stands in Northern California.



Top 9 reasons you’re not going on that second date

 a metalic christmas ball with a star curved on itNo crystal ball required- it’s easy to see your First Date is a dud if one of these 9 things happens:

1.  Stop the noise: You meet, start talking and you don’t stop. They are bored to tears by your monologue. Check, please!

2.  Begin the Beguine? You agree to go dancing. A surprise – you’re thinking Top of the Mark– however, they take you to the KOFY television dance party- your date is a combination John Travolta- Olivia Newton Jon in full costume. Change the channel!

3.  Funds faux pas: The waiter brings the bill and you say, “Would you mind? I forgot my wallet.” Au Revoir.

4.  Your photos are dated- you aren’t: You walk in: 10 years older and 20 pounds heavier than your posted profile photo. No second date for you.

5.  Say good night, Gracie. You it down at the table and say “Oh! I thought you were a lot (choose one offensive adjective) younger, thinner, prettier. So, how old are you?” Buh-bye, oh very rude person.

6.  Liar, Liar, Pants Afire: You nonchalantly divulge you don’t really live in San Francisco, you’re not actually employed, and not a doctor, lawyer, Indian chief and you really don’t hike, bike, go camping or even like sports – however, you love reality TV (especially ‘The Bachelor’) You confide you think Jerry Springer is a genius negotiator. Sorry! Wrong number.

7.  And Toto, too: You arrive with a tiny white dog on pink rhinestone leash, which demands your full attention. You keep the dog in your lap and hug and kiss your little “baby.”

8.  You are a Neanderthal: You flirt with the waitress, leave for a  ‘quick smoke’, send three text messages during the 20-minutes of your first and last coffee date; you talk with your mouth full, stir your coffee with your pen, and ask “Hon, can you pay this time?”

9.  Sleeping with Strangers: You admit you’re not actually divorced.  To tell the truth, you’re still living with your spouse- and yes, must share the same bed – the house is so small. You claim that ‘50 Shades of Gray’ is your favorite trilogy, your unemployment is running out and you need a couch to surf on for a while.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”   Buddha

Bronze buddah in the park

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