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Don’t you dare Ghost her

Don’t even think about it – This thing called Ghosting


Beware the Man without the Spine

Casey the Bachelor  (63 admits to 59, car fanatic, Warriors fan, proud Sci-Fi fanatic since he was 16) thought he was quite the ladies man…Women didn’t.

He was one of the first to traipse through the original old dating sites (Jdate,, date…) throwing his hat in the ring…crashing and burning more than kissing and scoring. He knew it was The Women’s fault – not him – they were too picky, too dull, too everything. He would take a break, then try again.

Flash forward and a couple of decades of Third Date Rejection Syndrome and he decided he could give it as good as he got it.

He decide to go Casper...

First, he changed his dating profile, big time. He bragged about cars,boats, trips and his job. He elevated himself to CEO and was flooded with women now interersted in the once nerdy, stamp collector with a wine collection from Safeway

Casey was like a house on fire…This was a first:  so many women interested in him – well, he did “lift” a photo of a handsome guy and insert it in his profile…

And, he found a photo of a puppy… Chick Bait 101

With this landfall of interest, Casey spent hours throwing out a hook…then another….he spun gradiose webs about his 6 bedroom – 6 bath home in Tahoe, a Nob Hill address, Teslas (plural) Cobalt speed boats, a love of wine…Boo.

It was Wendy in Daly City, then Kareyn in  Sausalito, BB in SSF, and Kitsy in Sacramento he lured –

teased with heary firtations,layers of lies and then Ghosted.

With Glee he cut them free.

He was creepy on so many levels…his just desserts will appear.forest-3349575__340




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