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Super Bowl Ads: like Dating after 50?


 The Super Bowl  TV Ads – just like Dating at 50, 60…

The people you meet while swiping Online Dating Sites can be Very Fox-y:  All Flash- No Content.

In 2019, Bumble wants you to swipe soon and Pepsi launches new Bubly want you to quaff quick while all those Beer  Beer Beer ads flow…

Ole! You’ve met Avocados de Mexico  types – try to  attempt to  seduce tastebuds with free appetizers Oh my, Guac!

And expext the  usual Whopper from Burger King …

Spots for KIA and Hyundai will be  back…or as confused and ugly and the

photo_21523_20120317or they are so boring – you make a run  for it

and dive into the Buffet Table…

If you are lucky,  you may meet a Fred Astaire wannabe – like Sean of TurboTax Fame

who will trip the light fantastic with you – and help you with your taxes

and get you a refund: a trifecta.photo_184_20051014Online Dates- just like the TV Ads – can be Good….Bad…or Ugly…

It is up to you get in the game,

give it your all, try new passes, new lines, 

  and play well with others.

In dating at any age, if at first you don’t succeed –

Change the Channel.


Like Tinder, Bumble  is based on users swiping right ( Yes) or left ( No) as you view profiles and  matches in your

area, but with one key difference:

After two heterosexual people match on Bumble, the Lady gets to message the Gentleman first.


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