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What on Earth were they thinking?

The Top Dating BuzzKills: Selfies, Emojis….

“Clever Tim from Portrero Hill ” instantly alienated a half-dozen women by writing his introductory online “Flirty” email using “cute Emojis.” What he perceived as creative – women all took to be childish and primitive. Dull times three, Timbo. 


“Devilish Denny in Danville” was very pleased with himself. He finally graduated from taking pictures of himself in the mirror to taking real “Selfies.” He was snapping a lot of Selfies… in parking lots, sitting on his friend’s Harley or with a good-looking waitress.  “Selfies, the vanity” are for rank amateurs. Delete them, Binkie.


Lusty Linda in Livermore calls herself a Dating Machine.  She now uses Picmonkey to enhance all of her online dating photographs. With Picmonkey, you can crop, erase, improve, and enhance any photo with a few clicks. Like magic. Linda is so good at ‘improving’ her photographs, that, unfortunately, Coffee Date Guys have walked past her – looking for a younger, thinner, woman.

Every artist was first an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Top Five Spookiest Photos on Today

What is wrong with this picture?

Yes, Binkie,  posting your photo on an Online Dating Site 

takes gumption, guts and a certain audacity.

The following five photos are perfect examples of

“Don’t!” as in: 

Don’t Post Frightening Photos.

2015 Scariest Costume of the Year

Everyday a bad hair day?

Everyday a bad hair day?

Hay! This is not a good look…

Too quirky for words

Too quirky for words

bad photos12

Psst! You are not smokin’ hot…


Ladies, you are simply too much – on so many levels.

No SelfiesSpooky Lady! That snarl will scare everyone away…lighten up.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fright Night.”

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