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Where are all the guys?

Inspired by the Invitation: Tini, Melanie, Helen, Mary and Dixie put on thier party dresses and heels and headed to the Singles Party in Marin County at the hotel.

 The Senior Singles Party promotion promised a rousing  50/50 Male and Female Mix

As the women entered the hotel, they saw dozens of women – all dressed up and ready to party – a large registration area and bouquets of red, heart-shaped  balloons. There was not a man to be seen. Checking watches, they concluded they were not too early and wondered about the male component.

Minutes later, four men strangled in – a sea of Tommy Bahama shirts and kakhi pants. The appeared to know the organizers and put on their name tags and smiles. Then they mingled. Shills or Singles?

30 Single Women showed up that Sunday afternoon and only a Dozen Men.             The ladies were entertained by the more aggressive femme fatales who went after the men like there was no tomorrow. There were no cat fights…however, there was some jockeying for position and Trump-like pushes to the front of the line.

Not amused, not happy: The five ladies insisted upon refunds on the spot and wandered over to the San Rafael Civic Center Farmer’s Market where, every Sunday is party.

Page Larkin Consults: We met for a two-hour session on “Men and Dating at 50, 60, and 70?”

In additon to candor, there was much laughter and a swell of renewed interest in Meeting a Few Good Men.

They are on the look out…stay tuned for results.



All names have been changed to protect the Suddenly Single.




Lonely and looking; a companion – movies, walks, dine around


All the lonely people – where do they all come from?

Fran ( 46, grade school teacher, hiker and biker) of San Francisco is sick and tired of the hide and seek games on  She reports that she  sends a note of interest to a guy who looks ‘attractive’ and, bam! He doesn’t respond or disappears. She is ready to quit the site. Again.

Mike H. (68, close to retirement, trivia and Chess whiz) is divorced again and lonely. He wants to meet a ‘friend’ – no fuss, no muss, Dutch Treat. He would love to  go to Banging Drum in San Rafael for Trivia night with a buddy. He can’t seem to ‘make new friends’ and would never look online for a friend. He is simply stumped.

Dion is 42 and bummed. He laments that no one says, “Good morning.” He lives in an Embarcadero high-rise – in a petite condo for a grand price. He thinks everyone in the building is either shy or a snob. Mrs Hannigan, on the 21st floor, is the one cheery, vivacious person he sees around the building. Albert thought about wearing a T-shirt that says, “Hi! How are you?” He misses talking to his neighbors. He chats up all the baristas’, butchers, bakers, checkout clerks – in every store. He smiles at strangers. He wants to build and  re-build relationships. He was popular in Rockridge and thought living in San Francisco would be much more social. Do you?

How many people do you talk to every day? Shy or Snob?

What are you willing to do meet other singles in San Francisco?


Tell me:



Top Five Tips for Dating at 50

 Need a map, a compass, and a GPS just to find the on-ramp to the Dating at 50 Freeway?

It’s a well-known fact: Dating at 50 is a lot more fun than dating at 20. Think about it: you are a lot more interesting, smarter, and sexier and have way better life’s stories. And, you don’t have to ask your mom to borrow the car. Come on in, the water is delicious

Here are 5 Easy Ways to get ‘Back in the Dating Saddle’ and ride off into sunset.

1.Talk to Strangers. Your Mother was wrong: Do talk to strangers. Everyday. It’s okay, and heartily recommended that you smile and say “hey” to five strangers every single day. Try this new mantra on for size: Flirt, flirt, and flirt again.  Start with a smile. Would it kill you to say hello?

Volunteer for a Change– check out,  Food Runners, City guides or a local film festival.  See San Francisco’s two very popular organizations: St Anthony’s or Casa de las Madres for volunteer opportunities. Check Craigslist for volunteer listings – usher at a play or do a good deed and meet new people. See for hundreds of organizations in your zip code. Volunteers are Love in Motion.

3. You’re Not Alone. There are 20+ million singles back in the dating game. Many of us got bored playing Solitaire and want to play a rousing game of Hearts. Get in the World Series swing of things. The San Francisco Giants in the World Series is a city-wide celebration – and the passion runs deep. Wear black and orange, scour the Sporting Green. Once again, the  Giants capture the hearts and imaginations of millions. Join the party.

Get out of the house and join a walking, hiking, biking, rowing, kayaking, birding, debate, tennis, ping-pong, or spelunking club. Say,  “Yes!” to any party, viewing, event or celebration. Go, Giants!

4. Go Outside and Play. You know: life is short and why waste time? Refrain from perching over a phone waiting for it to ring or checking your emails 10 times a day. Your mother was right: “Go outside and play.” Get off the couch, push away from Facebook and “Dancing with Stars.”  Go out. Find a friend and explore where the action is in the City.


(See: Top Ten Places to Meet Men and Women in Marin and SF)

5. Ride On. There will always be a Greek chorus of friends and family urging you to get back on the horse. Are you really  ready to start dating, again?  If you have images of a sweet pony ride dancing in your head, be prepared. This  foray in dating is more like the electronic bull you remember from that John Travolta movie, Urban Cowboy.

Best advice: “Better buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Get in the game, get active, and enjoy the new Adventures in Date World 

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