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Recipe for Romance and fulfillment. Mangia, baby!

200_productfamilyThere were eight men standing at the table in Mollie Stones.

Holding court was Lynne Rosaia, founder of My Nonni’s Italian Foods. The men, with paper plates in hand, forks lifted to their mouths, were transfixed.

Rosaia, founder of My Nonni’s, was regaling the Mollie Stone’s customers with a sparkling monologue while she gave out samples of the best raviolis and meat sauce I’ve ever tasted. The men grazed, nibbled and chomped – all murmuring rave reviews.

Men Eating out of her Hand…

She explained the raviolis and meat sauce was a recipe from her great grandmother from Lucca. That particular Friday night, Rosaia had 8 men eating out of her hand, literally.  What’s not to like? The audience of men was obviously, enchanted with her friendly presentation and her delicious raviolis.

The vivacious founder of My Nonni’s Italian Foods was deft in her marketing skills, as well as charming. As the guys put their plates down, Rosaia gave each of them a $1.00 off coupon and directions to the freezer section. She explained the raviolis would take 10 minutes from the freezer to the table.

Her tag line: “Hey guys, want to impress a date?  Serve her My Nonni’s Raviolis and Meat Sauce. All you have to do it is fix a green salad, a little French bread, and a bottle of Chianti.  Perhaps a little candlelight and Buono Fortuna!   voila – a great date”.

As I watched Rosaia attract another wave of hungry shoppers I had an epiphany:

It’s all about coming to the table. Hello.

A new group of people wandered towards Rosaia – her friendly, upbeat charm exuded and she  continued to attract swarms of people. The fragrance of the seductive raviolis might have had something to do with it, too.

It’s Like Cheers – We all Want to be the NORM

Everyone wants to be included. There is no such thing as a party of one.  Rosaia had the magic formula:  good food, good friends, and good times.

Let the good fortune begin.


The Easy Recipe for Romance on a long winter’s night

San Francisco’s infamous fog and whipping winds inspire romantic picnics- indoors.

Recent buckets of rain and plummeting temperatures are reasons to postpone picnics at the beach and Golden Gate Park and spend time entertaining at home.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

The three-prong goal for a perfect meal is: easy, delicious, and impressive. 

And, Easy: My Nonni’s Raviolis and Meat Sauce are the perfectly delicious solution on all three counts. In addition, to being the consummate, yummy, comfort food- it couldn’t get any easier; ten minutes from your freezer to your table.

You’ll love the ease of preparation and the seductive smell of the pasta sauce wafting through your home. Less time at the stove – more time with the object of your affections.

Candles, fresh flowers and carefully selected music (Satie, Sinatra, Ella, Louis, Keith Jarrett, Stones) complete the perfect scenario. And yes, dressing up for an indoor picnic is a must. It’s all part of the well-constructed celebration. Starting a picnic with a glass of Proseca is a bubbly, brilliant idea.

Swing by Sweet Things or Bakery Tartine–  for the most seductive desserts in all of San Francisco.

My Nonni’s Raviolis and Meat Sauce are found in the frozen food section at Mollie Stones, Bryan’s Lunardi’s, and Andronicos.

This has to be the easiest and the most delicious meal. Trade secret? Have the candles lit, music on, pillows plumped, and your picnic pre-set;  have the meat sauce simmering as your guest arrives.

Lynne Rosaia, the Ravioli Queen, was a guest seen with Spencer Christian on ABC’s wonderful – gone missing- View from the Bay.

She says, “The perfect Christmas or New Year’s Eve meal is My Nonni’s Raviolis and Meat sauce, a loaf of hearty French bread, a green salad, and great bottle of Chianti.” Revel in the easy and fun of planning and playing at your romantic picnic.

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