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Brooklyn men more sensitive than San Francisco? No, actually Buffalo boys win

Breaking News: the most sensitive men in America don’t live in San Francisco,

Napa, Marin, or Berkeley.

According to Barry Diller’s media mega-giant, IAC,  the phenomenally successful social empire with a thumb on the pulse of America, the most sensitive men in America do not live in San Francisco, they live in West Hollywood. Really?

No, truth be told- all the good ones – according to the most recent studies done by (headed up by Dr. Helen Fisher- famed Canadian anthropologist and dating guru) live elsewhere.

Define Sensitive?

According to sensitive means: readily or excessively affected by external agencies or influences…having acute mental or emotional sensibility; aware of and responsive to the feelings of others.

2012 Top 10 Cities for Sensitive Men

1.            Pompano Beach, Florida

2.            Roanoke, Virginia

3.          West Hollywood, California

4.            Nashville, Tennessee

5.          Buffalo, New York 

6.            Sarasota, Florida

7.            Greenville, South Carolina

8.            Wilmington, North Carolina

9.            Indianapolis, Indiana

10.       Staten Island, New York

Sorry, Brooklyn- the male population of Staten Island and Buffalo (really?) are considered far more sensitive than all the very hip and trendy male denizens in Brooklyn. Imagine.

Where the Real Sensitive Boys Are

Men in San Francisco are sensitive. They meditate, sweat their prayers, chant at Taize, drink green tea, read Thich Nhat Hanh, thousands attended EST- decades ago, they wear pastels, read poetry, write poetry, cry at movies, hug a lot,  belong to men’s groups, open doors for ladies while cheering for the SF Giants and are very a-cute.

Sarasota, you gotta be kidding.


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