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Matchmakers: you get what you pay for – really?


How much is that date?

TV celebrity, Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger is still like a house on fire: noisy, loud, alarming, hot and gets a lot of attention.

She is not an elegant, professional woman.

On the first season of her TV show, often self-described as “wildly successful.” Stanger wasn’t as crass or as shrill. Someone must have advised her to emulate the style of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Ranting and raving are now Stanger’s calling card. You have to love Reality TV. Or not.

Patti charges men $25k+ a year and female “millionairesses” $55k for 28 months of unlimited introductions.

Evidently, female clients take longer to match? Aw, come on….

A quick poll at a San Francisco Pilates studio, a nail salon and around a water cooler determined:  28 months of working with the shrill and tactless Stanger would be 26 months too long.

Perhaps there are better people to check out. Local Matchmakers can charge $3,000 to $100,000, depending on their exclusivity, the number of matches and just how many dates they promise. I don’t know if two dates a month for a $3,000 is cost-effective, realistic, or a rip-off.

They say there are thousands of singles using hundreds of matchmakers.

The three most popular that you hear about are: eLove, It’s Just Lunch, the Millionaire’s Club.  (See Yelp and Reviews)

You do the math:

One Los Angeles-based matchmaking service charges $2,500 to $25,000 annually –  for an average of 2.2 introductions per month.

Two “introductions” x 12 months = 24 introductions…go figure.

SEE: Matchmaker- Tell Me the Truth


A Love Story: Mr Right in the Laundry Room?

“All things are possible until they are proved impossible —

and even the impossible may only be so, as of now.” — Pearl S. Buck


Sally, 52  and single again- had not been on a date in over four years. She admitted she, “Gave up on the whole dating scene.”

She was busy with friends, family, work and myriad interests. Her best friends were three married couples – they met in college and travelled together once a year. She called them “The Couples.”

Last year, she was on a holiday to Colorado with The Couples.

One night, she was in the  laundry room at the  Vail condo.  A guy came in with a ton of laundry to do and they started chatting. Asking the right questions, he found out that Sally from California was single, smart, traveling with friends and easy-going and fun to talk to.

He very quickly put his laundry in the machines and left.

Upstairs, the happily married man with laundry and told his single friend, Casey, to rush down to the laundry room and meet the attractive, single woman there.

His buddy told him to hurry – she was on the spin cycle.

All Casey had was a suitcase full of clean clothes, but he grabbed 10 pieces of clothing and shoved them into the laundry basket. At his friend’s urging – he quickly ran down the hall and, nonchalantly walked into the laundry room.

His opening line was, ”Hey, nice night.” Then he asked inane questions about the change machine location. A big red sign in the corner screamed, “Change machine.”  Casey nervously fed the dollar bills in the machine, got change, and put all this clean clothes in the washing machine.

Wisely, he asked Sally if he should be using hot water or cold for cotton. The conversations commenced. It is easy to go from 100% Cotton to poly blends to hiking, fishing, books, and favorite movies.

Sally thought the guy was cute –although he didn’t seem to know his way around a laundry room. She admits she put extra quarters into the dryer to prolong her stay.

At one point, she went back to her condo, combed her hair, put on blush and lip-gloss and a cleaner, tighter, cuter        T-shirt. She returned nonchalantly…

Casey was folding his super clean clothes and asked Sally if she wanted to join him for a glass of wine at the pub next door. She agreed, only if he would hike to the end of the property the following morning. It was a date! And then there was another date…and another.

Casey and Sally are now “A Couple” – thanks to a good friend who played Cupid in the laundry room.


Who have you fixed up lately?


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