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Boo! What are you afraid of, Spooky?

                  frankenstein-394281__180Today’s Top 10 Scariest Words:

  • Vincent Price
  • The Tingler
  • Jaws
  • Rosemary’s Baby and
  • Sorry, No Candy


Tell me a story…

The art of telling a scary story is a highly revered art form. 

Vincent Price was once considered the scariest story teller. If he starred in a movie you saw-  you were guaranteed to have nightmares for weeks. I double dare you to see The Tingler.

Ghost stories are not just for Boy Scouts and campfires. A keen imagination, delivery and timing are all mandatory components for frightfully good storytelling. An intimate knowledge of all things spooky, spine chilling, creepy and bizarre helps.

Hobnob with a Hobgoblin: Ghost Huntersimages

One of the City’s very best, and scariest, tours is led by the famous Ghost Hunter, Jim Fassbinder. Reserve a place on the tour if you have an eerie enthusiasm for ectoplasm. Each evening at 7 PM (except Tuesdays) the San Francisco Ghost Hunt leaves from the Queen Anne Hotel.

Brace yourself. Pin a garlic corsage on your coat, bring a bottle of water and a modicum of courage. Fassbinder is smart, scary and fascinating.


The Streets of San Francisco will take a whole new meaning. Feeling brave? Dress warmly and be prepared to be highly entertained, educated, and scared out of your wits. Yes, your wits. Be sure to keep them about you. Words like poltergeist, apparition and ghost hunting are bandied about. Fassbinder, a master story teller will scare the living daylights out of some….

Don’t give up the ghost~~


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