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Men are like dogs? AKA: The perfect boyfriend


Men are like dogs? Says who?

Chanel, aka ‘Ms. K-9 of Nob Hill’ is the famous neighborhood dog walker. She is tall and lean, with an impressive mane of long, silver hair and always has a cadre of canines in tow.

You see Chanel on California Street and Powell Street, slogging up Washington Street with her pack of dogs of all different sizes, colors, and breeds.

She runs a tightly orchestrated canine parade. Ms K-9 of Nob Hill is free with quick commands, kibbles and treats for her motley crew. She has a smattering of little white pooches and some pedigrees and others with no degrees.

Without as much as a prompt, she shared her philosophical position on dating and men. The Downward Dog? No.

She started her diatribe comparing men and dogs – however, with a little softening around the edges and and finessing her observations, we concluded:

The top 6reasons a great guy is like a good dog:

  1. The perfect boyfriend is loyal.
  2. He comes when he’s called.
  3. He appreciates a treat.
  4. He gives you unconditional love and is always happy to see you.
  5. The perfect boyfriend always has your back.
  6. He waits, patiently, for you to finish your dinner.

That’s all!

If you want to be fetching and more popular with the ladies, all you have to do is emulate ‘man’s best friend.’

And, you might want to  loyal, cheerful, helpful, friendly, courteous and brave…all are keys to your success.


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