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Do you Catch and Release when dating?


Are you wading in the shallow end of the coy~ dating pond?

Catch and Release is the new modus operandi…

My good friend, Mike,  is an avid fly fisherman with a handful of favorite rivers in Patagonia and Helena.

His Montana license plate reads: Carp D Um.

A big proponent of Catch and Release, Mike also has a unique approach to online  dating. He knows his way around a fluke and a sole, knows when to angle and when to perch.

With a half dozen years under his belt as a suddenly-single-again male, he has developed some interesting dating techniques. Based on the old catch and release philosophy: he meets, greets, calls, emails and connects with a wide range of women on two different online dating services. No, he does not use Plenty of Fish.  He is a ‘reel’ guy with an innate curiosity and openness.

Mike is not coy…a CPA, by training, he calls online dating “The numbers game.

Like the patient fisherman he is, he throws a few lines in the water every week and sees what transpires.mna

You have to love his well-modulated and persistent approach.  

He recently reported that he had hung up his metaphorical fishing rod and was dating the love of his life. And,  he is the happiest he has been in years.  Yea, Mike!

His big brotherly advice, “Online dating is a numbers game.

Don’t be coy – don’t be shy – make the first move.”



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