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Getting to first base…

Once Upon A Time – Falling in Love is Easy

Suddenly Single... Minded


Charlie hadn’t been on a date in decades.

His friends kidded him and said he was “Rich, retired and a great catch.”

He married his first wife right out of college – everyone was doing it – it had seemed like the right thing to do. Within two years, they realized the folly of their ways and quietly divorced. She moved back East and he buried himself in Grad school then Med School. The White Coat ceremony at Columbia was a defining day in his life.

He “First-Dated” a lot of nurses in Med School and rarely had a second date. On some level, he figured there was something wrong with himself and, like two of his uncles, rolled over and became a Confirmed Bachelor. His sisters, cousins, neighbors and office staff all tried to fix him up.

He became very well respected and famous in his own right. He had three cars in…

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Mr Right? Not right now

bad photos12

Harry decided to push the envleope and rock the online dating world.

After six years of posting that old photo – he decided, “What the hell?”

He concluded he would  get a lot more attention by posting interesting (aka bizarre) photos.

Week Number Two:


He garnered zero attention. Go figure.

Week Number Three:


Our pal, Harry, decided to bring out the big guns and Go Big!

His pals said he was crazy. Women rarely responded.

He kept up the charade for a month of rejection before he resorted to contacting me for sometough love and serious dating tips.

Here we go!

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Dating 101: Are all the good ones are taken?

Singles On the look out for love…

Suddenly Single... Minded


He says, All the good ones are taken.

Steve went to brunch at a friend’s home on Sunday. He knew he was being ”fixed up” yet, again. All of his married friends wanted him to be “As happy as they were.”

For years, he had observed the happy couples -the snipes, the snips, the eye-rolling and wondered just how happy they actually were.

Then again, who was he to wonder? He had been on six different dating sites the last eight years, and was still “Just looking.”

Truth be told, hundreds of dates later, he concluded, it was a jungle out there. More often than not, he fell in love. And it was rarely reciprocated. Women that this age and stage (50/60) were tough. Either they had a “My Man Must Have List,” or they were “Just The Sex, Please,” one-night-stand-women.

He tried Tinder and met a beautiful redhead, his…

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The Simon Cowell of Dating at 50 – Page Larkin

Me?  The Queen of Mean? Whatever do you mean?

Dear Page Larkin,

I think You are the Simon Cowell of Dating Specialists. Why are you so blunt and cold? I’m almost 50, back into dating and confused by Skype dating, speed dating, friends with benefits and calls for booty. It’s hard out there and the so-called Boom-Boom Generation needs to be coddled and cuddled.

American Idle

Dear American Idle,

Sweetie, let me get you a pillow and a blanket – you have enough whine. You are absolutely right; at first- it is uncomfortable on the Internet dating merry-go-round. But wearing those rose-colored glasses can cause myopia and tunnel vision. While I do try to infuse a sense of optimism – realism is a much better coping mechanism.

T.S. Eliot said, “Humankind cannot bear much reality.” Bottom line: get real, have fun and treat your new social life with a sense of adventure. Next!

Love, Page

Hey Page,

Two weeks ago, I met a man on line. His photos were all taken from a distance. He says he is divorced and 49. I’m 44. After a bunch of e-mails, he said, “Let’s get together for coffee,” but he couldn’t meet me if it was raining.  Huh? Everything seemed normal up until that comment. Who doesn’t go out in the rain?                      Wondering in Washington

Hey Wondering in Washington,

Not a hair-brained question. The song: “Raindrops keep dropping on my Toupee comes to mind. A so-called Fair weather friend ~ from Date #1  may be a waste of time. Next!   Love, Page

Hey, Page,

What’s the best book I can buy to understand what men are thinking. I used to know the dating game – now, I am totally confused.

Beginners Luck in Burlingame

Hey, Beginners Luck,

The bible for a lot of women is the best selling: He’s Just Not That Into You. Another favorite self-help-yourself book, with candid, direct insights into what men are thinking is comedian and radio show host, Steve Harvey’s   Act like a Lady – Think like a Man  See my column about this book.     This should be  required reading for women. Seriously.

Online Dating for Dummies is a great Cliff Notes kind of a quick read.

Finally, good luck and to help decipher all this – read my column, That’s Rude! Online Dating  TipLove, Page



 The bible for a lot of women is the best selling: He’s Just Not That Into You. Another favorite self-help-yourself book, with candid, direct insights into what men are thinking is comedian and radio show host, Steve Harvey’s   Act like a Lady – Think like a Man  See my column about this book.     This should be  required reading for women. Seriously.

Online Dating for Dummies is a great Cliff Notes kind of a quick read. Finally, good luck and to help decipher all this – read my column, That’s Rude! Online Dating  TipLove, Page

hat and glases1

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Top 10 ways to get your Valentine’s Day mojo moving

Flirt Early and Often!

Suddenly Single... Minded


Valentine’s Day is a sugar rush for See’s Candy

and for Hallmark cards.

Florists are in 7th Heaven having dozens of acres of red roses bought and sold this week.

What about the rest of us, sweetheart?

Remember: Valentine’s Day is about Happy Hearts, Hugs, flirting, wearing all shades of red, pink and crimson.  February 14th is the one day of the year we can “Blame it on Cupid” while we gather up courage to flirt early and flirt often.


Top 10 Ways to Get your mojo moving and in the mood for Valentine’s Day

  1. Say ‘Hell-o!’ to that cutie you see every day
  2. Smile at strangers
  3. Send Valentines wishes (roses are red, violets are blue, meet me at…)
  4. Invite a ‘hearty’ acquaintance to join you for a walk through the Presidio – and a drink at Presidio Social Club
  5. Wear red – all week long
  6. Buy “Big Hunk”…

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Valentine’s Day: Worst Night of the Year to go out to dinner?

What Price Love? Skip Valentines Night Dinner Dates, Binkie!

Suddenly Single... Minded

Stop! Don’t do it!

Cancel the reservation at the San Francisco so-called romantic, expensive, restaurant – now!

(But, the candle light! The free, long-stemmed, red rose…the amuse bouche…the artisanal choclilava and the ambiance!)

Stay home –  skip the highly touted ‘Most Romantic Restaurants.’

The Cost, crowds, chaos: Dinner for Two at Waterbar, Quince, Acqua, La Folie…Gary Danko… are going to set you back a few bills, Bill.

Binkie baby, If you need a tablecloth, waiter, candlelight and dropping $200+ to create romance – you are with the wrong partner, dude.


Hot Tip: Pop into Falletti’s Foods and pick up a fabulous dinner (check out romantic treats from: Straus, Cowgirl Creamery, Niman Ranch and from the impressive Butcher Shop and Deli, Alter Eco…throw in a bottle of Kopriva Chardonnay – and a sweet from  Delessio‘s bakery…Voila! Isn’t it romantic?





Make a Valentine – Create your…

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Living alone and happy?

Happy together? Or ecstatic alone?

Are You part of the 40%?

A huge contingent of divorced men and women gleefully live alone: the kids are on their own, they may be “between marriages, flying solo” or dabbling at dating online. Perhaps you’re perfectly happy living alone, on your own, by yourself…

The Date Watchers- a robust and dynamic group of single women (some around 50-60),  include a potpourri of women in different stages of relationships. Two of the ladies are in romantic relationships, three are dating around and some are totally not interested in men or dating ever again. A cadre of  the Date Watchers  are “vicarious daters” who can’t wait to hear about the latest exploits of their socially inclined friends.

Women everywhere are intrigued by the concept of “The Golden Girls” – the once considered cutting-edge,  sitcom about four women – totally different from one another -living together under one roof  and  having fun in the same time.

PicMonkey Image-47

What do you think? Girls Rule or Room- Mates Never again?

Tell me:

Montana’s tiny WhiteFish rips off Puerto Rico: a scam?

Whitefish Energy, a two-person outfit out of Whitefish, Mont.,

raised eyebrows when it landed the $300 million, no-bid contract in the weeks

after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and left the U.S. …



Evil  and  corrupt – Whitefish

San Juan, Puerto Rico (CNN)

Whitefish Energy stopped  its work to restore Puerto Rico’s broken electricity grid because the questionable company says it is owed

more than $83 million

by the island’s power authority.




Stinky Zinke Of Montana is responsible?

Skip the Tuesday fright-fantastic speech


Turn off the TV and skip the speech.

There are so many better things to do than stifling yawns and yells at 45’s speech.

(Ironically, ‘Criminal Minds’ is on ION TV and ‘Intervention’ in on A&E TV)–san-francisco/events–tomorrow/

pexels-photo-375893.jpeg10 Years @ Slim’s w/ From Ashes To New, Painted Wives

Slim’s Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 7:00 PM (PST) San Francisco, CA


Escape to Marin County and Laugh


In Mill Valley see Tuesday Comedy at the Throck

Drive over the bridge for Comedy Tuesdays –  an unforgettable belly-splitting evening of comedy! Each week they showcase 5-7 different comedians at the top of their game.:


We regard wealth as something to be properly used, rather than as something to boast about. As for poverty, no one need be ashamed to admit it: the real shame is in not taking practical measures to escape from it.





Worst online dating pix: avoid at all costs

Smile – you are on Candid Camera…

Suddenly Single... Minded


 Online Dating Photos 101: What Not To Do

Selecting your Photos for your Online Dating Profile. Whether you are on Match, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, Tinder or Bumble…  a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words -and it is your first impression. Get real.

Stellar Examples of Egregious Online Dating Photos:

bad photos12

No explanation required.unnamed-10

Sure, you and your best friend enjoyed ‘Smart Cocktails.’

Inspired, you bought funny glasses and thought you were an absolute scream. Who wouldn’t get a big kick out of the fun and festive photos?

Truth be told: 99% of all people scanning your so-called funny  photo are going to wonder

a) Which one is “Ms. Mary Mischief?

b) Why is she hiding behind ghastly funhouse glasses?

c) How often does she go out for ‘Smart Cocktails?’

d) Why did she choose such a bad photograph?



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