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Moon, Spoon, Kissing – a romantic trifecta?

super moonFact: Kissing by the Light of the Moon is guaranteed to induce more long term romances…

On your mark, get set, start kissing – by the light of the Super Moon Sunday, September 27th – Fervent practice beforehand is heartily encouraged.

Super! Call it an optical illusion in the sky, or a romantic excuse (or clever ploy, plot, scheme)  to kiss early and often –  the romantic moon will appear bigger and brighter than normal in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is what astronomers call a “Super Moon” and I call the perfect segue to Besame Mucho!

Because the sun is about 50,000 miles closer to the earth than at its furthest point – and it’s a full or new moon – the Super Moon will appear more orange, brighter and larger than regular Full Moons. Cool.

The most romantically charged  time to observe the supermoon is moonrise or moonset.lovers-kiss__180

Set your Kissing Alarm:  The total eclipse will start at 7:11 p.m. PDT Sunday evening and will last one hour and 12 minutes. The best time to kiss? There are no rules…kiss

The Emmys – The Governor’s Ball + Foreign Press

Originally posted on Suddenly Single... Minded:

Cinderella of the Foreign Press goes to the esteemed Governor’s Ball

There are two sides to the blazing Red Carpet entrance to the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. On one side you have “Them” on the other is “Us.” The steady stream of television stars smile, pose, wave, apply lip-gloss, pose for another photo and an interview and smile again. The attendees- employees of the networks: writers, directors, studio heads, Broadcast giants and just-plain-fans and lucky to get tickets, move in a different world.

In our Red Carpet line we were greeted, every three feet by another San Francisco 49-er football player-size security guard. The television viewing audience doesn’t see a phalanx of security guards (Ow! What? Is that cattle prod?) urging and directing all non-stars to “Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep moving.” along the Red Carpet.

All the while, Hurley from Lost is talking to you, Sophia of the

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Hooked by a Catfish – Another Dating Hoax?


She said she was 42, divorced, amorous, available and waiting for Mr. Right.

Her pictures were stunning – she was a tall, lanky, brunette – often posing in clothing befitting a lingerie model. That was sexy – yet, strange –as she said she was trained as an attorney. She readily admitted she only had a few clients- very wealthy clients – who flew her to their resort-like homes for consultations. She practiced Business Law.

And she didn’t like to talk about her profession.

On the free dating website, her name is Venus. She loves the beach, puppies, NCIS, negligees, chocolates and roses. As a rule, after the exchange of two emails she generally gives out her phone number. She is very friendly and flirty.

Mike met Venus online five years ago and they have been chatting on the phone ever since. He is married – his wife doesn’t understand him. Mike would really like to meet her in person – however, Venus is always in court. He understands – she is very famous. He lives in Wyoming. He is in love with Venus and is willing to wait.


Tim met Venus online six months ago. He is ready to move from Texas to San Francisco to be near her. He is a mechanic- and wants to work at Tesla.  They talk on phone every day. Her Skype is broken. Darn. He wants to fly out and take her to dinner at “a fancy place in Frisco – her choice.” She tells him – she would love it – when the big case is over. Her last case took two years to settle. He can’t wait to see her penthouse in the Marina District of San Francisco – it has views of “all the bridges” and she can hear “the trolleys” and smell the French Bread being baked. Tim hangs on her every word.

Tim is trusting and in love. Not a computer -guy – he would never think of Googling Venus – her law firm, her home address with all those classic San Francisco treats. Hence, the successful masquerade by Venus.

As Fate would have it: Venus (aka Janice B.) lives in Fremont. She is single/never married, 55, and for a month, was a nanny for an attorney and his wife. She is a clerk at Kohl’s. She is clever, lonely and really good at “spinning yarns”  according to her sister whose hesitates to call Janice a liar. In five years, Janice has met and engaged – over the phone and texting- with two dozen men online. She has never met any of the men in person.

Buyer Beware: There are schools of scammers called Catfish – who pretend to be something they aren’t…lying is second nature and there are no ethics involved. Think: Web of lies


Catfish: verb: To be baited by a person ‘trolling/trawling the internet – pretending to be someone thery aren’t.

Dr Phil has done a public service show – exposing these Catfish scam artists.  See Here: 

See: Catfish definition

See the MTV Show Catfish


The most common lie is that which one lies to himself; lying to others is relatively an exception.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Are you suddenly single minded?

guys i datesd
Status: (choose one) __Single __Divorced __Solo __With a Partner __Dating like Crazy

San Francisco, is a world class city – the dating playground of life – where there are lots of slides, a few swings – many merry-go-rounds-and a whole lotta teeter- tottering going on.

If you’re like me (and, you might be) you seek out kindred spirits – people of substance, wit, humor and a certain joie de vivre. Right?

You take the time to ascertain exactly what you are looking for…heck, you even make a list.

froggggAt this stage of the game – you may have kissed a few frogs…

Okay, so  you did more than just kiss that frog…it was dark… it was late.  And when he gently whispered “Ribit” in your ear…and he queried breathlessly -” Your pad or mine, Lily?” you succumbed.

Okay – you’ve got the list including interest in  a plethora of important aspects, qualities, virtues, facets of the man (or woman) of your dreams. You want to know about their

  • Education,
  • General Background
  • Appearance
  • Height/Weight
  • Temperament/Values
  • Peet’s v Starbucks
  • If it matters: have they read anything since The Da Vinci Code?

The Two Biggies:

  • Have they been married before?
  • Kids?  What kind of parent area they? Involved? Hands On? All in? In Abstentia?


Note: If he reveals he “only has one more $25.00 child support payment left.” Lace up your running shoes and disappear!

* Tip: If your idea of foreplay is two hours at Home Goods and Nordstrom Rack – and he is a couch potato who “couches” foreplay, fiveplay (and every play he can think of) with the insipid sentence, “I love to snuggle,” either don the running shoes or get the bunny slippers out – your call.

 Your ‘Top 10 Must Have Qualities’ list – might include Boy Scout words like loyal, kind, helpful, brave, cheerful, honest, reverent… hold fast to your values and keep your standards high.

Why not try a lap around the DatingPool?  Be Brave: try the High Dive into the exciting Internet Dating pool.

Come on in~ the water’s fine!Free Range Stock Summer is Oover Tubes

Sex on the beach – a 30 year Retro-spective

Originally posted on Suddenly Single... Minded:


When you’re 18, and a boy asks you to go to the beach,   you grab your parent’s Pendleton blanket, dash out the door, and go to the beach. You are probably wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.

In college, when a guy asks you to go to the beach, you pull the blanket off the bed in your dorm room and locate 2 cans of Budweiser beer. You’re probably wearing a sweatshirt with your school logo and jeans.


In your 20s, when a man asks you to the beach, you grab a tattered quilt from a roommate’s closet, you grab a bottle of Mountain Red, a wedge of brie, a loaf of French bread, two glasses, paper napkins, and your Swiss Army knife. You’re probably wearing an embroidered peasant blouse, your sweatshirt from college and jeans.

In your 30s, when a friend asks you to the…

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Wear White, Drink Red and Labor Day Blues

guys i datesdThe lazy, hazy, crazy, dog days of summer come to a barking halt on Labor Day.

And, It will be time to turn in your ‘summer whites’ for more serious threads.

Romantically speaking:

So, it’s time to take stock and review: How did you make out this summer?

Did you flounder, find her, find him, have fun or a fling? Is there romance for you in the air – wafting through the barbecue smoke? Have you had fireworks and dazzle or quiet and calm?

It’s never too late to get “In the Mood” and throw caution to the winds of romance. Go outside and play. Revel in the  last vestiges of summer…Hop on a ferry and get thee to the famous and very fun Sausalito Art Festival. Explore Golden Gate Park. Create a picnic. Invite friends over and walk to the beach…or take the bus…

Drink Red: Oh, Meiomi!  Here is a hot tip on a Pinot Noir…Try this: meiomi wines

happy woman

Skips the Blues -and  subscribe to the lovely poem by 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Give All To Love

Give all to love;
Obey thy heart;
Friends, kindred, days,
Estate, good fame,
Plans, credit, and the muse;
Nothing refuse.

‘Tis a brave master,
Let it have scope,
Follow it utterly,
Hope beyond hope…


Now get out there and play while the sun shines bright. Happy last days of summer.


“Long live the sun which gives us such color.”

Paul Cézanne

San Francisco dates: Uber Lyfts and Critical Mass

86c6d473f7731b47c906d7286f46417dDear Page Larkin,

I fell hard and fast for a woman I met on OKCupid. She’s the polar opposite of my “ideal woman.” I will admit I’m a Kardashian fan- and that is my “goal girl.” All of a sudden I am with a short, perky, redhead who thinks I’m “all that.” What do you think?

Head in the clouds

Dear Head in the clouds,

I think you’re very lucky to meet a woman who thinks you’re “all that.”

Peace and Love, Page

dead-end-777__180Dear Page,

I met a guy for a drink and he arrived on his bicycle  and was likable. We had a few things in common and were both comfortable with one another. We agreed to meet Saturday at the Disney Museum.  Friday night, I saw him on the TV news- he was the star the Critical Mass fiasco- he was hitting a car with his helmet. It was all over Facebook. I sent him a text canceling the date. Was I right?

Mary Marina

Dear Mary Marina,

You are 100% correct. You dodged a bullet.

Peace and love,

Page Larkin

Ms. Larkin,

I met a gal who said she was “in transportation.” I thought she was probably a stewardess. She suggested we meet for a drink in the now “hip” Tenderloin.

Okay, I agreed. She drove up with a pink mustache on her car. She’s a taxi driver by day and a bartender by night. What you think?

Old guy old ideas

Dear old guy old ideas,

I think you’re very lucky. She is an enterprising woman with a sense of adventure. Take your time and enjoy the ride. You may get an uber lyft…

Have fun,

Page Larkin

Dear Ms Page Larkin,

I’ve been on for over a year. I have spent a small fortune at Peets, Blue Bottle Coffee and Philz, on dead end first dates. Rarely do my dates go well: either she is way older, way heavier, or not interested. What am I doing wrong?


Dear Trigger-happy,

Slowdown, read between the lines and look hard and long at photos online. If the picture is date-stamped 2001-move on. If the picture is of the person standing behind a chair, a couch or a tree – you can assume they are hiding a multitude of sins.

Seriously, and most important before meeting anybody, speak on the phone. Talk with them, ask questions, converse. Is there easy rapport or an effort to get off the phone? Do you share the same interests or have background similarities? Slow down before you smell the coffee…



call _me667_n

Do you have a Dating Dilemma and Question?

Tell me about it!

Kicked off the train? Take a number…one girl’s story

locomotive-50044__180Kicked off the train?  You Betcha!  Take a number.

Sophomore year-Eileen invited five best friends from the dorm to her home for a sleep over.

After dinner and a few glasses of Mateus and Lancers and dancing and laughing we settled into our sleeping bags -strewn on the living room floor. Per usual, we regaled one another with funny stories. Whispers and giggles turned into guffaws. We were, as a rule, very funny girls with keen, self-purported, storytelling prowess.

The first time her father came down the stairs to ask us to be a little quiet was midnight. We whispered sincere apologies. And softly, then, not so softly, went back to our ribald stories and jokes. Think: small volcanoes of laughter erupting.

Her father had to come downstairs one more time however, we heard him coming- and instantly turned into mummies. More giggles ensued. For some reason, we were not invited back.

Later that year…

Once at Bob’s Big Boy’s Restaurant, we  sat down to a healthy snack of Diet Cokes and mountains of French fries dipped in a small lake of ketchup. We amused one another with stories about boys, classes, kissing, homework, dating, and boys. The only chemistry we were interested in took place on a date – not a laboratory.

We all could ‘tell a story,’ albeit with a modicum of enhancement and a ton of hyperbole. We sometimes “howled with laughter.” We were 20. And funny. At one point, the manager came over and asked us to be quiet. In a cup clattering, baby crying, fry cook yelling, waiter dropping stuff, Bob’s Big Boy we were asked to be quiet?

We had stories…

Many of us were blessed to be Irish and got the clever, storytelling gene. The Italian girls had the same gene and were louder and talked with their hands.

Note: We were polite, gracious. And audible.

There were a few restaurants where quiet couples nibbled on quiche and sipped a glass of white wine and glared at the 10 of us laughing, toasting one another’s good fortune. We always left restaurants sighing, exhausted and elated. As a rule: we always greatly over-tipped the waitress.

Meanwhile, at the St Francis Hotel
One of the girls got a job at St. Francis Hotel on Union Square. A fledgling restaurant was beating the bushes for customers and asked the concierge staff to fill the seats of family and friends.

The Mostly English Majors – only five could attend – were seated at the center of the room. Eye candy? We talked and laughed about the traffic, parking, I.Magnin’s, Paoli’s, the mimes on Union Square, Henry Africa’s and updates about Grad school, Med school, LSAT scores.drinx

In no time – one Cosmo to the wind, the rumble of laughter commenced. Almost immediately, the maître d’ swept over and asked us if we would like a larger table. We demurred: “No thank you; so kind of think of us; sweet of you; no, thank you.”  Minutes later, four waiters came to our tunnel-of-fun-table and moved our food or drinks and us to a corner table.

All graduates of esteemed Silicon Valley University- knew then and there to ask for a private room each time we gathered together. When a restaurant graciously offers, “That’s not necessary,” we insist, “It is necessary.”

The take away?

We have learned to skip hotels and rent a house for our annual “retreats”- so that we can  laugh without scrutiny, a tell our animated and “fascinating” stories – and not disturb anyone. The world is a happier place.

PicMonkey Collage

I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers.
Khalil Gibran

No money for your honey? Five tips for cheap dates dates in San Francisco

lUUnN7VGSoWZ3noefeH7_Baker Beach-12

Are Saison  the French Laundry, Jardinière, Gary Danko,  way out of your Range  and dating  budgetary stratosphere? Feeling a little light in the wallet?

Fear Not:

photo_378_20051108-1The City is alive with myriad great (cost effective) date ideas.

  1. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s romantic, thrilling and free. What’s not to like? Leave your selfie stick at home.
  1. Spend the day at Golden Gate Park Enjoy and explore a long list of ‘see for free’ Check out the Buffalo Paddock, see and try the Fly Casting Pond, next walk to the tulip gardens and the historic Windmill, stroll through the Rose Garden, explore myriad hiking trails, try Lawn Bowling, find love at the tennis courts and dig the Conservatory of Flowers. You might want to check out the Cal Academy   Think: Opera in the Park 

Plan on a picnic, wear warm layers of clothing and spend a little time…and very little money.

3.The Aria AreaSan Francisco Opera for $10 Standing Room Only. There are 200 standing room tickets available for each performance at the War Memorial Opera House at $10 each, cash only.

  1. First Tuesdays – The De Young Museum , SF Museum of Modern Art, Palace of Legion of Honor, are free to the public on First Tuesday of each month. Special exhibition fees, if any, still apply.

5.  San Francisco is famous for walking tours and City Guides conducts outstanding tours which are famous and are ‘free’ The tours are lively tours, full of local color, historical information. A TIP: The guides are open and receptive to your generous donation.

image.php-3Free: Hot tip: remember that  admission is always, your favorite price, Free, at:

photo_1186_20060227ace heartsJoin Page Larkin, San Francisco author, dating coach

  • Dating Workshop: Dating at 50: Online Dating: Get Your Mojo Moving”
  • in San Francisco: First 
Saturday, October, November and December
  • 10 AM to 1 PM
  • Cost: $150
 Limit: Eight to a class
  • Bring your current online dating profile, photos and a Dream Date List (more information with Enrollment) an open-mind, a sense of humor, and a desire to get in the dating game to play and win.
  • Enroll at

Prince Charming is already taken…keep looking, Binkie

slumber_party_1024x821From the beginning, Michelle knew exactly the kind of man she wanted to meet, date and marry. She wanted to meet a ‘prince.’ She was raised on a diet of happily ever after, Cinderella, Snow White and fairy-tale princes.

 Still single and 34, she has spent years of research, analysis, dreaming and plotting.

There were psychics in her future

She lighted a candle every morning and whispered a chant- to draw the perfect man into her life. Once a month she burned sage to purify and to attract.

She carried a tiny, pink quartz heart in her purse- guaranteed by a shaman in Mexico to entice her perfect soul mate. He blessed the stone and wished her well.

She wore an Elsa Peretti silver heart necklace. A clairvoyant on Maui sold her a True Love talisman: a gold ring with a spray of embossed stars.

Every New Years, she created a vision board replete with multiple pictures of ‘Her Special Man.” She carefully selected magazine pictures of where they would travel and what they would wear; she knew the exact Tiffany ring he would buy her and dreamt about the simple, cream-colored, Shantung wedding dress; she changed her mind about the flowers for the wedding every few years. She is in the white Peony stage, this year.

She knew what she wanted

Michelle was currently very certain about the glam condo where they would live. She knew lofts were the most recent rage. Years earlier, she was into ‘cute cottages.” She chose the eclectic- yet-elegant- 12 place settings – China from Gump’s, the Waterford crystal glassware and the perfect Georg Jensen Acorn pattern silver.

She threw Tarot cards. She took all of her very spiritual and secretive rituals seriously.

Michelle is the CFO of a burgeoning Silicon Valley company. Her “cred” would evaporate if people knew the True Love Romance Seeker side of her.

She will admit, as the years went by, she was more willing to compromise. Her “Must Have” lists – once pages of character traits, income, GPA, education, background has dwindled to a “Top 25 Traits.”

She tried and was generally put off by the whole scene until one day a man reached out and flattered her. He liked her photo and her comment about Andy Goldsworthy at the Presidio. One thing led to another – emails, phone calls, a walk in the Presidio and bam!

Michelle went from “My Man Must Have” to totally smitten by a non-Ivy Leaguer, gentleman who found her “most attractive, smart and fun.”

He could sing, was a great dancer, could create organic gourmet meals, build furniture and was very kind. And, sexy. She took him to a work-related event and he easily charmed many of her co-workers.

One very blissful and fulfilled year later, they eloped and have been happily ever after.

Okay, so maybe Michelle didn’t live in Camelot. She lived and fell in love in Campbell. And, so it goes.



Life is short. Break the Rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly.  Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.   Mark Twain

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