Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

About the Author: Page Larkin

Page Larkin is known worldwide as an online commentator, dating coach, author, consultant, and Dating at 50 Expert.

Larkin was the ‘San Francisco Dating Advice Columnist’

for Clarity Digital Group, LLC for four years.

Born in the south, raised in the east, and educated in the west, Larkin brings a unique voice to the table.

She had that classic 1960’s childhood comprised of heavy doses of Father Knows Best, Jell-O, Tang, Ed Sullivan, Nancy Drew, station-wagons, Laugh-In, with a modicum of American Bandstand thrown in for color and sophistication.

Daughter, sister, wife, mother, temporary trophy wife, and divorcee… she became suddenly single and has remained quixotic, curious and single-minded.

Barraged by inquiries from Suddenly Single Men and Women who want to know: Where do you meet Mr. or Ms. Right?  What do you say on a first date?  Who writes first?  Is texting sexy?  Will he twitter with my affections? Does a lady call a man?

The irony of wading in the shallow end of the Internet Dating Pool is not lost on Larkin. She has done a Canon Ball, a Swan Dive and a Jack Knife…all in the interest in Research and Development.

Her best advice: “Come on in, the water is fine.”

 Hot Topics: “Dating 101: Pick on Someone Your Own Age”

“It’s not what I do, but the way I do it. 

It’s not what I say, but the way I say it.”

Mae West


One thought on “About the Author: Page Larkin

  1. jim harrison on said:

    Page, Thanks for best “top ten list”
    An English Major

    Your fan,
    Jim Harrison

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