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San Francisco:Top 20 list- what the world needs now~

What San Francisco Needs Now – The Top 20 List Today

1. More hugs

2. More Clement Street shopkeepers cleaning the dirty, icky, sticky, sidewalks, please

3. More $1.00 cupcakes

4. More Free Days at Cal Academy of Sciences and 50% discount for locals

5. More free concerts in Golden Gate  Park (Warren Hellman is a hero)

6. More Bridge Tolls locked in at $5.00 come on!

7. More  FAIR parking meters that take dimes- which would buy 10 mins /not one ( uno, 1, i, un) minute

8. Continued diverse and wonderful De Young Museum Exhibits

9. More people walking – all over

10. More kids outside on swings, slides, and carousels

11. More museums with – random -Free Days

12. More ‘Sneak Peek’  Movie Previews

13. More Ms. Manners; less Entitled

14. More  people shopping/supporting  Indy bookstores like the  West Portal Book Store and Book Passages

15. More parking  garages that welcome visitors – don’t “rob” them at $10- $25 per hour

16. More Laugh lines~~ less botox

17.More:  “Please, thanks, and you’re welcomes”

18. More  Tolerance and Patience – like the good old days

19. More ‘hi, hello, hey, how ya doing,’ exchanges

20. More clothing donations to Casa de las Madres via drop at Community Thrift Store on Valencia


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