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He wanted a Barbie doll


John is a divorced dentist in South San Francisco and was afraid all women were gold-diggers and would be all over him like a wet suit – for his “money.”

He really just wants a wife. Since the divorce three years ago, he has been helpless as a lamb in a snow-storm. He has no idea about what to do in any kitchen- therefore, DoorDash– is his best friend. Dinner is delivered promptly each evening.

Being a doctor and all, he considers himself “pretty cool.” Dr. Online Dating is now good on a first date – he slowly learned the ropes and is now adept at wining and dining. He admits, his goal is to be in a relationship and, truthfully, he prefers a “Barbie.”beauty-1260975__340-2

His sister, Mimi, was supportive and helped get him up and running on Match. She advised him to cast his net wide and far. However, Dr. John was pretty sure he wanted a Barbie doll. He would only look at tall blondes who lived within 20 miles.
In reality, he is 5’6 – on his profile he said he was 5’ 9. He rationalized that he had been     “boosted” by wearing Dansco clogs since Med school  (a version of elevator shoes.)  He was after a younger, 5’8, blonde, woman.

Proud of his career, yet skeptical of gold-diggers, Dr John waits until the second date before he discloses his real career.  He knew women would be impressed with dating a doctor; he should have known people’s pre-conceived notions (fear and loathing) about dentists. He found out, there are a lot of  women who avoid going to the dentist.

After nine dead-end dates, John started a spreadsheet to analyze: who he saw, where they went, if she was a “winner” and if she allowed him to kiss her.  It dawned on him               (thanks to a talking to by his sister) he was not a Ken Doll and a Barbie would not be looking for a middle aged man, with limited hobbies,  who can’t cook, who lies about his career until Date Number Two.

John’s New Year Resolution is to calm down, tell the truth, date his own age group and erase the Must be Barbie rule.

We think he will have a lot more fun, don’t you?


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