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Real soccer stars? Women swoon over these two

Love these two men- Play Ball!

Suddenly Single... Minded


Little known fact: Worldwide, 63% of all soccer fans are women. We are rabid soccer fans.

What’s not to like? Droves of handsome, young men – buff, virile, robust, at the top of their game, and, obviously  ‘Allergic to Wearing Shirts’ (as evidenced by constant furling and flinging of said shirts off their perfect torsos.)


However, the real stars of the World Cup – stealing the show are two Brits – ESPN super stars, “Men in Blazers”– Michael Davies and Roger Bennett. Clever boys: providing witty repartee, low budget and high-brow observations with a modicum of sardonic wit –are having a whole lot of fun. And we like to watch.

Word at the espresso bar and the water cooler – Davies and Bennett are the second best part of the World Cup. They are smart, playful, funny and sexy. Girls like that.

images-53That ‘Allergic to Shirts’ bit is a…

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