Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Dating: Eharmony- like a kayak or the Titanic?

Online Dating: Life Preserver required?

Suddenly Single... Minded

Cyndi moved to San Francisco and jumped on the EHarmony boat expecting a Crystal Cruise experience,
replete with fascinating men, sparkling conversations, interesting destinations and a whole lot of fun.

 She navigated through the rough waters of the horribly long application of questions, quizzes, and essays. Two hours later, she was ready to sail into the sunset with one of the 15,000 people who fill out the infamous Eharmony questionnaire every day.

After she paid the boarding fee of $60 – a slow dribble of so-called ‘Matches’ appeared in her mailbox.

Like a kid on Christmas morning, she metaphorically ripped off the trappings of trivia: she scanned photos, checked for geographic closeness, education, marital status and interests. That first morning she came up with lumps of coal.

 Abandon Hope All Ye Who Eharmonize?

She thought a man who paraded his ‘Career and Harvard Law’ in the first sentence smacked…

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