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friends jealous of your success in love?


Dear Page Larkin,
I have been a fan of your column for over five years. Thanks to you, I got back in the dating game and followed your guidelines. Slowly but surely, I started having the time of my romance life.
At first, I did that cafeteria dating, I just picked what “looked good.” Eventually, I got serious. I’ve met some very interesting, wonderful guys.

Two years ago, I met the love of my life, thanks to following your tips.
My problem is this: three people at work watched me and noticed my success- and want me to teach them everything I know.
Naturally, I told them to read your column. None of them have done so, they want me to do the heavy lifting for them: write their profiles, do the research and help them. They are like Cling-ons. Yuck. Right now I’m in the world of romance, I have no interest helping them. What do you think?
Madly in love in Milpitas

Dear Madly in love in Milpitas,
What great news! So glad you found the love of your life. It happens! Everyday…
With regards to your ”friends”- you were very wise to step aside and step away.
It takes energy, drive, time and conviction to get back in the dating game.
You are correct, they need to do the heavy lifting. Why not suggest they sign sign up for my Dating 101 Workshop? The four- hour workshop is a swift kickstart for singles who want to enter the wide world of dating – and may be shy or reluctant.

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