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Best Mother’s Day card: top 10 best quotes

Happy Mother’s Day~~~

Suddenly Single... Minded

Mother’s Day Cards – the great debate: hand made or Hallmark?

From your heart and soul or from the factory? You decide.

Hearts on a line

Mother’s Day cards have been written on colorful construction paper, Big- Chief lined tablets,  on paper plates, balloons, and napkins.

There are no rules – just make sure you’ve got a card and a great sentiment.

Top Ten Best Quotes

Every May children are encouraged by diligent teachers to pull out their crayons and their imaginations and create a special Mother’s Day wish… Little imaginations go wild and kids acknowledge mothers for their favorite things: peanut butter sandwiches, love, kisses, pizza, and for being the most ‘beauty ful-est’ mother in the whole wide world.

A Blank Slate?

If you are caught short this morning and need to complete that very special card to your Mom – and are coming up dry for all the myriad wonderful things…

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