Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

He was like Bill O’Reilly


Mary Ellen said she knew he was famous. He had a swarm of people around him – one to hold his coffee, another to take dictation, one minion was there to hold a cell phone. There was a woman, dressed in black, with an apron bulging with a dozen brushes, make up, spray bottles and a mirror.

She could tell his his gray hair was dyed the same as the Crayola Red Orange. He wore make up.  He had to been closing in on 70, however, laugh lines and wrinkles seemed to had been artfully erased. By a skillful surgeon?


After the usual exchange of emails and two phone calls, she agreed to meet him for coffee – at the famous downtown hotel. However, he called – to a ask a huge favor – could she possibly come to him? He was in the middle of a really big story- didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their first meeting.

She had a board meeting and the MOMA event -and  hastily, agreed to meet him. She told her Lyft driver to keep the meter running – she would be back 15 minutes. She had a pre- conceived notion this “coffee date” would be quick. His online dating profile was very interesting and a bit too self-serving. The request to “come to him” was almost reason to cancel – but curiosity got the best of her.

She had no problem finding him or  hearing him.  She stood by a pillar and watched from afar. As she observed, she couldn’t decide whether he was a “groper” a “fanny pincher” or just way too friendly with all the females around him. The song, “We are the Champions” was blaring in the background.

It took under five minutes before she realized this guy was trouble – a real Neanderthal. The snapshot of the way he treated the female staff – spoke volumes. 

Mary Ellen climb back into her Lyft mobile and knew full well – she dodged a bullet.




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