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April Fools! Lotsa Gags and Pranks in San Francisco

St. Stupid’s Day Parade – Cancelled –

due to lack of mirth.

Gotcha- April Fools!
April Fools? April 1 is one of the funniest days of the year

No excuses are required for pulling out that whoopee cushion; squirting boutonnière, buzz ring and commencing with practical jokes. April Fools Day is the best day for pranks, jokes, gags and lots of laughs.

Worldwide, today everyone has permission to pull out all stops for spoofs and satires. Jokers Beware.

Costumes and Hats!


Exuberant and Erroneous E-mails

Expect the predictable prank e-mails today announcing the usual gamut: Mike Pence and His “Mother” retire to Rome;  Naked Yoga from 4 AM to 7 AM; the chocolate Easter Egg Hoax: claims there are zero calories in Godiva and See’s chocolate Easter Eggs- one day only, yesterday; Charlie Rose is dating Gayle; California Academy of Sciences-No Entrance Fee….. it could happen.

St. Stupid’s Day Parade 

The 39rd annual parade is filled with jolly jesters and comics who frolic, cavort, prance and dance. It is inspiring to see the risqué revelers juxtaposed in the weary, dreary Financial District. Don’t miss the famous ‘Stock Exchange’ – my purple argyle for your fishnet knee high? The parade starts at 12 noon at the Embarcadero. Be there.

It’s not just an American thing

Practical jokes and April Fools mania is a worldwide celebration. Pranksters worldwide step up to the plate.

Even the Economist – somewhat lugubrious and sober has a wild and crazy side and has analyzed pranks through the centuries.  Homer – no not Simpson, writes that Hermes had a sense of humor? Who knew?

Don’t fall for these Top 10 pranks, puns, and gags

1.         Gonzaga bows out of basketball brackets. Claims March Madness too much stress.

2.        Bill Riley – can’t catch a break – verbally attacks Maxine Waters, then  inserts foot time and again. Total debacle.

3.         Facebook admits to “pretend privacy” and sells data to

4.         Washington plans on tracking and selling internet browser history – Hilarious! What? They are? No….

5.         Trump Hotels are Selling pink “You Putin Me On” T-shirts by the boatload.

6.         Golden Gate Bridge Board gleefully announces new bridge toll: $1.00

7.         Lil Devil Nunes Admits to Artificial Intelligence. Back to Tulare he goes.

8.            Amoeba Records on Haight Street  – Free Giveaway: Barry Manilow, Herman’s Hermits – all tapes, records and CD’s- today only.

9.         Free Martinis Day at Doro’s,Vanessi’s and Paoli’s. Must show ID, Ego and Super ego.

10.       Steve Bannon has used his kooky mean influence at the Right-Wing “ha-ha-news” site Breitbart as a propaganda tool. Attacking Kamala Harris. Really? Bad form Bannnon.

Cool Women Wearing Colorful Bathing Caps —

See: Who is St Stupid and where is that parade?

“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” Oscar Wilde


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