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Happy Birthday, G-L-O-R-I-A

Happy Birthday Gloria Steinem,

Suddenly Single... Minded


 Happy Birthday, Gloria Steinem

 and, thank  you!

Gloria Steinem has a birthday celebration on Tuesday.

Called the “Face of Feminism,” she took the flack, the attack, and inspired generations
of girls and women to speak out and stand up and be liberated and be counted.


Thank you, Gail Collins, New York Times columnist, who wrote “This is what 80 looks like”

Steinem’s website:

“You’ve discovered the new, official website for Gloria Steinem. Like Gloria, we’re hope-aholics. Our hope is that this site will be useful for students, reporters, and anyone else who wants to know more about Gloria’s achievements, writing, or current work.

Gloria is a writer and activist who has been involved in feminist and other social justice movements for over forty years. On this site, you will find a selection of her published articles, links to the organizations she is a part of or recommends…

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