Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Where not to break up: San Francisco

Breaking Up is hard to do; Great Advice

Suddenly Single... Minded

golden-gate-bridge-534614__180He broke up with her at the Big Four Restaurant

at the Huntington Hotel – a big mistake.

Beaus and Errors

She knew things were a little rocky – he was a somewhat aloof – and had not returned her texts in a timely fashion. He was frequently busy. However, she had high hopes that they would become a rock solid “couple.” He suggested meeting at the Big Four,  an elegant Nob Hill restaurant. “Yay!” she thought,  “How romantic!”

Little did she know…

She walked into the chi chi,  glamorous, hotel atop Nob Hill. The doorman was cordial with a dash of gallant. The front desk clerks greeted her warmly.

The charming maître d’ escorted to the table where he was seated. He stood up as she approached. She was on cloud nine, thinking what a romantic, chic location for a rendezvous.

He was having tea and there was a…

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