Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Hey, guys! Don’t do this online: 4 tips


Dear Ms. Larkin,

I am a 75, healthy, happy, vibrant and energetic single woman. I teach yoga, hike two miles a day and I really like men. I have a bit of advice.

Please Tell Men Over 50: The top four things women don’t want to hear about on a first date:

#1.  Do not review your list of prescription drugs
#2.  Don’t bore me with your list of ailments, illnesses and allergies. And, I Don’t want to hear about any operations.
#3.  Don’t talk about your divorce or colonoscopy; to me, they are the same.
#4.  Do not brag about how handsome, wonderful, rich, sexual you used to be. That ship has sailed.
Thanks! I feel better.

Kalista S. in Sausalito

Handpainted peace sign in dripping colors

Dear Kalista. ,Consider it done! Thank you for the pearls…

Peace and love,



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