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San Francisco: one man’s story

One Man- One City- One Story

Suddenly Single... Minded

San Francisco –

He shopped at Brooks Brothers, never at Wilkes Bashford.

At one time, he was a Trader Vic’s, Ernie’s, Doro’s kind of a guy. Vanessis was his go-to place for a bowl of minestrone at the counter. Tadich’s at the counter was preferable to Sam’s.

His kids went to Burke’s and Cathedral.

His wife had a 10:30 am, standing hair appointment, Fridays with Mr. Lee.

He ran with the big dogs (F Lee Bailey, Alioto, and a cadre of men from the PU Club.) He preferred the company of his dominoes and golf buddies from the downtown Olympic Club.

His best buddy, John the restaurateur, played tennis with Herb Caen twice a week for two years and Caen never mentioned the place. Old Mr. San Francisco could be a real prick.

The Bank America building event was his biggest case. The trial took two years and he won…

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