Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Roger and Sally: The Last Supper


 He wanted a Bob, Ted, Carol, and Alice kind of  dating arrangement.

She preferred a One-on-One.

Who Won?

The Finale: The Last Supper

Our guy, Roger – after a plethora of dead end dates -finally met a good match. He and Sally (58, single, smart, successful, fun, available) clicked, matched, and had chemistry. They got tested for STDs and made plans.

He had finally met a woman who shared many of his interests, was financially and mentally stable and, she liked him. They had been dating for a few weeks, when he took on his pal, Big Daddy, as his “Social Mentor.”

Big Daddy, had a wife, a girl friend and a few “lovers.” And, an unusual living situation: he lived in a “famous” commune. After a walk-through of the property, he invited Roger to join in the fun, to open his eyes and participate in “The Flow.”

Roger had visions of Sally involved in this new experiment. He decided to share the polyamorous proposition with her. He wanted her to participate.


They met a Thai restaurant she had wanted to try. After they ordered, and were sipping a High Rock Ranch Cabernet, Roger nervously explained his new idea of multiple sex partners and experimentation.

At first Sally thought he was joking and she laughed. The 60-something, hair thinning, body expanding, conservative attorney, dad and dedicated son, now wanted to play Musical Partners?

Sally realized he was dead serious and said,  “Roger, I don’t share. That isn’t going to happen. I’m leaving.”

He looked sheepish and tried to smile.

She stood up, slowly picked up her purse and in a stage-whisper said, “I’m really disappointed in you and saddened by your decision. Goodbye.

Other diners stared at Roger as she stormed out of the restaurant.

Big Daddy had warned Roger some women were traditional and myopic. He should “Expect the worst” and be prepared and hope for the best.

The following day, Roger went to get his back waxed, a pedicure and new underwear. He wanted to call Sally and tell her the funny story at the salon. He realized they wouldn’t be talking…

Let the party begin?   We’ll see…



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