Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Why do they call them “Roofies”?

photo_1793_20060714Christmas Crime? Beware of Creeps slipping Roofies

Suddenly Single... Minded


Hal (55, single, broker) was flattered by the young woman’s attention. They met  at a bar on Union Street.

She had to be twenty years younger. She was pretty, she was flirtatious and she seemed very available. She said her name was Catherine, that she lived in the Marina District, she worked for a real estate firm and went to school back east. In course of the evening,  Hal mentioned he was a jazz pianist and the collector of  fine old jazz recordings.  She was very impressed  and asked if she could hear some of the records. Why not now then?

He hailed a cab, and they were at his house in no time. He brought out an impressive bottle of wine and played a few songs on the piano for her. They had a few drinks.

He woke up the next morning; his television, stereo, laptop, and several valuable paintings and been…

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