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Join Sexy SF Scavenger Hunt for Flirting Females?


Their Motto: Flirt First, Talk Later

Twelve women gathered at the St. Francis Hotel lobby bar 

The Clock Bar– at 4 PM for  a refresher course in flirting and fun.

The women were graduates of Larkin’s “Flirt First, Talk Later” course in June. The group had been entertained and instructed in the Power of Flirting. Each was well practiced in the basic flirting rules of engagement: smiling, eye contact, being approachable and initiating conversation. The woman knew the subtle effects of playing with her hair and jewelry; and all well aware of the impact of delicate and more pronounced forms of Flirtation 101.

Caps and Evening Gowns?

The downtown event was the much-anticipated Graduation Exercise. The coterie enjoyed one French 75, 30-minutes of show and tell, a Flirting 101 Review, and much laughter. The women were ready to cover Union Square. The self-proclaimed, ‘Darling Dozen’ were divided into groups of three and were given a list of  activities. The list resembled a scavenger hunt.

First, each team had to visit one Union Square vicinity pub and ask the bartender for “the best drink of the day” recipe and to be photographed with the bartender. Next, each woman was to introduce herself to one single male; procure his business card; and practice three flirting techniques.

They were on a quest to locate the following items:

  • A sample of men’s cologne
  • One swizzle stick
  • One hotel brochure
  • Eight business cards from eight different men
  • One flower from a Union Square flower cart
  • One map of downtown San Francisco
  • A photo of each woman with six single, age appropriate, men
  • One single, spontaneous, man who lived within 40 miles of San Francisco

They were given two hours to complete their list and each used one iPhone Camera

Round Two – Rasputin?

Team One was told to start at Rasputin Records  and stand in the Jazz Music section. Each woman was to engage two men in conversation (i.e. Have you seen Keith Jarrett in person? Where is Dave Brubeck? Which CD is your favorite? Are you a big jazz fan? Are you single?) The other groups were given similar directives and were directed to the men’s department or the food court at Macy’s,  Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom.

LALAS Flirting Cards

Each woman was a given a dozen Flirting Cards.   The special LALAS Flirting Card indicated she was part of the LALAS Flirting Coterie– on a Scavenger Hunt requiring her to speak to an attractive single male. During each conversation, the woman had to decide if she wanted to share her phone number or dating-only-Gmail- address (special Gmail account used solely for online dating and LALAS correspondence.)

After 90 minutes, the goal was to locate and interview one gentleman and to invite him to the Union Square hot spot: The Redwood Room at the Clift Hotel. to the informal gathering and celebration. Twelve women found 11 men who were spontaneous, available and willing to meet the Flirting Coterie.

Suddenly Single

Two hours later

The Darling Dozen returned to the bar at the lively Clift Hotel– anointed as one of the Most Romantic Places in San Francisco, with men who were good sports and spontaneous and willing to meet 12 single women. The Flirting Coterie, with 11 new friends, enjoyed two hours of laughter and libation. All in attendance were converts to the active flirting movement.

How about you? Want to sign up?

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