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What not to wear, please

Dress Your Own Age

Crystal, 20-something, complains that her mother (49 and holding) dips into her closet and borrows her clothes- including her Uggs, Heels, hoodies, and Jeggings. In an effort to stave off Father Time and Mother Nature, Mommie Dearest tries to dress down a decade. Or two.

Not a Good Look-At your Age

Miniskirts, T-shirts and belly-button displays –those days are over, Binkie. Skin-tight tops, hip-hugging-for-life jeans, which don’t fit – sorry, Sally. That ship has sailed.

The cold hard truth: a plus-sized body – or a mother pushing 50: Back away from your daughter’s closet.

If Nobody Will Tell You

Never ask a sales clerk, “Do these $200 jeans and this $300 top make me look young?” No salesclerk, on commission, is going to say, “Ma’am this is the Junior’s department, you should really be in the Mature or the Big Mama’s department, I’m just saying.”images-15

Take a look at the much celebrated TV Show, “What Not to Wear” Then hit the library and peruse a copy of How Not to Look Old.

Say Au Revoir! Good bye! Adios! and Ciao to these egregious “Oldies – Not Goodies”

Souvenir T-shirts
T-shirts with anything written on them
Ripped jeans or acid-washed jeans
Shoulder pads
Flannel shirts
Elastic-waist pants
Granny panties
Finally, let it be known: there is a moratorium on all Holiday sweaters (especially hideous Holiday sweaters with perky pumpkins, Santa, reindeer, teddy bears.)


“Fashions fade, style is eternal.

Yves Saint Laurent



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