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Have Time for a Two-Hour Quickie in the Marina?

I’ve had a love affair with the Marina since the late 1970’s.


I’ve always loved the darling shops; the wide variety of pubs and unique bars and great restaurants. The Palace of Fine Arts is, undoubtedly, one of  The City’s  finest treasures…. Chestnut Street is bustling and dynamic. You have to love the  Mediterranean style architecture – dazzling; Fort Mason and the two  Yacht Clubs are lively and busy.

Single women – we move to the City and like a magnetic pull, end up in the Marina. I love the Marina.

Sadly, the Marina doesn’t love me. Or my friends. Or you. It’s a one-sided love affair.

To paraphrase the Bard,  ‘The rejection comes not in single soldiers, but in battalions of two hour-only parking signs lining the streets.’  There are veritable forests of two-hour parking meters and towering signs are as far as the eye can see.

Friday, I fed an insatiable parking meter handfuls of quarters.  As the cold, silver, machine gobbled the money, it registered little of anything. Twenty-five cents buys you five minutes of time.  Time is money was never truer.

And you can forget Dinner and a Movie... Unless fast food and a dash to feed the meter during the movie are on your Bucket ListJohnny Rocket,  home of Quicksilver hamburger service, will meet your two-hour time restraint. Been there? Done that?

I love the Marina. I hate the two-hour parking meters that inhale quarters like a Hoover.

Bridge and Tunnelers, take note: San Francisco parking tickets are now $64.00.

A small army of Meter Men and Maids troll the streets like trigger-happy cowboys poised to shoot a parking ticket your way.

Need A Lift ?Bring a credit card, a roll of quarters, set your timer, and your running shoes, if you plan to spend any time and money in the Marina.  Or, seriously, take  Lyft. 

Bon Chance.



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