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A boy by any other name …

bed-890579__180The newlyweds, Mr and Mrs  Craig John, hit Niagara Falls for their honeymoon and claimed they never left the room.

Nine months later, the stork delivered a little bundle of joy.  A boy child.

Her great-grandfather was a very famous inventor in Germany. His microscopes were world famous. His son, her grandfather, was an architect of some renown in Munich. When she was a little girl she lived with her grandparents for six months while her parents were working in China.

Retro microscope with food.She loved her life with Grandma and Grandpa Bludge. She wrote her college thesis about her very famous relatives. At sixteen, she knew she would name her first son Bludge.

He assumed it was post partum depression – her unbridled passion – insistence to name their beautiful boy Bludge. He dearly wanted to call his son Ted.

Finally after waterfalls of tears, fits and sleeping in separate rooms he acquiesced

The named there beautiful baby boy, Bludge John.

His life would be rife with jokes and teasing.


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2 thoughts on “A boy by any other name …

  1. Kinda sweet, kinda funny! haha

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