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Costume Trifecta circa 1965: Hobo, Ghost or Gypsy?

Boo! We had a limited repertoire of Halloween Costumes…

Suddenly Single... Minded

Growing up, our family’s entire Halloween costume repertoire consisted of three choices: hobo, gypsy, or ghost.

Trick or treat?

It’s not that we were lacking in creativity; we were blase and simply lacking ideas. It was the 1960’s.

All the kids in the neighborhood wore homemade costumes and there wasn’t a Martha Stewart–type around for miles. Or decades. Our single, solitary Halloween goal was to amass candy. And, lots of it.

My industrious older brother would do his first dash around the neighborhood as a hobo, replete with burnt cork smudges for special effect. An hour later, he would return home to change into his famous ghost costume, which consisted solely of a white sheet.

Still Looking for Sugar Daddies and Big Hunks?

Later, he would appear with a pillowcase bulging with candy. He would pour the sweet contents out on the living room floor and sort it according to…

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