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Magic brownies banned from party. Boo


Cyndi’s  annual By Invitation Only Halloween Party was always very well attended. While it was a “Girls Only” event, it was consistently a robust and rowdy gathering.

Everyone brought Champagne or a decadent treat. Cyndi cooked all day long – her buffet was a competition between Gourmet magazine meets Paleo World. 

Evan, dressed in a French Maid’s costume, was the only man allowed. Every year, he was the bartender and graded the women on their costumes. The gang all vied for Evan’s approval. Never one to be shy, his fashion and make up tips flew off his tongue – no filter. .


The party favors were a chocolate truffle and a tiny frosted brownie tied in pink ribbons.

The accompanying card was straight out of Jefferson Airplane meets Alice in Wonderland, “One bite makes you larger, and one nibble makes you small. And the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all. Go ask Cyndi, when she’s ten feet tall.”

Gail and Katherine, mere neophytes in the world of Edibles – feeling both frisky and fearful – took tiny nibbles and sat back and watched the crowd. The women were dancing, laughing, quaffing and eating. Evan was laughing so hard, he was crying. Happy tears.

It was a work night, and pre-dessert – everyone had decided to promptly  leave at 10 p.m.

At midnight, the women were singing along to all the songs Evan – now the self -appointed  Disc Jockey was playing on his  lap top.

Cyndi decide no more cute little Edibles at her parties. 





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