Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Mary used to be a sweet kindergarten teacher – then, bam!



She blamed it on reading too many fairy tales as a little girl.

She was all in for meeting a Prince Charming, or three. Ready, willing, and able, she could full in love at the drop of a hat or robust compliment. She was 34, single and a kindergarten teacher. Most of her friends were married with children.

Over the summer, she decided she was  like a parched desert. She had a scorched heart and a red-hot desire to be madly in love. And so it began: The Beauty Campaign. She signed up for barre lessons and joined a gym, decided to go Paleo, and gave up chocolate. She tiptoed around the cosmetic counters at various department stores and picked up beauty  tips and product samples. There was change in the air.

Mary was famous for her elaborate, brightly colored quilts. She was also a master-knitter and her gossamer sweaters were breathtakingly beautiful. Both of these pursuits fed into her loneliness. She spent way too much time spent at home alone. Her friends told her Wine Tasting was a lot more fun. Cheers.

She put her needles away and decided to get out more. She read San Francisco Chronicle Datebook, attended lectures at the JCC, and the Nourse. She discovered Litquake and was busy attending all kinds of parties, readings and special events.

And her little black book was teeming with the names of new friends. Her once bleak social calendar filled gradually and she became busier and happier than before.

That’s her 2016 Halloween Card, She has come a long way, baby!



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