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San Francisco: famous for hills and falls


Yes, Rome has it’s seven famous hills and San Francisco has seven times more hills. As a result:

The Hills are alive with the sound of falling.

How many hundreds of pretty Prom Princesses in super-high heels have tried to walk up California Street to the Fairmont or the Mark Hopkins for the Big Dance? And then tried to step lightly across cable car tracks and the bumpy bricks in the driveway at the Mark?


They are ripping up the streets of the City. While, it once was a breeze to pop downtown, park and be at an event in no time…with traffic and all the new One Way Streets and Detours- it is no longer a simple act. Tripping over the ripped up streets is a common day downtown occurrence.

A warning sign for the public

Ow! Well heeled:

Remember: Once upon a time, Women working  downtown, changed from their running shoes to heels at their desks. Fewer sprained table, skinned knees and bonks on the head. Smart.

And now, wearing flat heeled shoes has become de rigeur on the Hills of San Francisco. Very smart.



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