Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Oscar the Grouch moved from Sesame Street to


Is your love life like a Sesame Street episode with grouches, monsters and frogs?

Our Salon, a group of kindred  Suddenly Single spirits, gets together to discuss love, life and the wide wonderful world of dating. At the last gathering, it dawned on us that the men we were dating were straight out of Central Casting from: Sesame Street.


Cindy, who is sunny and sweet, was dating Charlie, who we all called ‘Oscar the Grouch’ because of his frequent dour moods.  His opening line on was,Don’t send any stupid winks, blinks – just write!”  (Red flag.)  Despite his wonderful season tickets to the opera and the ballet, Cindy finally admitted they were not a match. His gloomy moods and lack of energy (no hobbies/no exercise/reclusive) were an obvious dead end.

Breaking up:  The Next Step: One day, ‘Oscar’ presented her with a sleek, new iPhone 6. For months, Cindy had been seduced by all the iPhone 6 hype. Her mantra had been “iWant – iPhone.” Realistically, it didn’t take real strength of character to return the slim, sexy, shiny, new iphone and cease-and-desist with Oscar. She can buy her own phone. Happily.

Spelling Game says Help Me

For two weeks, Mindy, the paralegal, was exuberant about the cute new guy in her life, Rusty a gregarious redhead. We called him “Elmo,” because he was so sweet, and uncomplicated. What Mindy neglected to mention was Elmo didn’t have an ambitious bone in his body and had been unemployed for over three years. Evidently, with all his charm and connections, he couch-surfed” a lot, at different friend’s homes. Our little Elmo was charming and fun to be with, but rootless. Unbeknownst to most of us, he was hovering on the precipice of homelessness. When Mindy put two and two together, she extricated herself from Elmo- realizing it was also dead end unless she wanted to support him. She didn’t.

Dueling Dates: Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie were the affectionate names we gave to Sherry’s dueling dates. We all marveled that Sherry dated two men concurrently- on  Both guys were sweet and sometimes available. The Bert guy flirted up a storm with Sherry – made major overtures and seemed great Turns out – he was opinionated, not great around people, but dedicated and very good to Sherry. He was generous, yet he was a very distant and aloof guy. Then there was the issue – Bert revealed he was not really quite ‘single’ – just on a trial separation…he said he was  “Testing the dating waters.”  She threw him overboard.

The Ernie character was like a puppy. He was outgoing, optimistic, convivial and always up for new experience. At first, Sherry was on Cloud 9. Ernie was newly divorced after a lengthy marriage and was exploring his new freedom and being Suddenly Single again.  Sherry began to see the “Kid in a candy store” mentality Ernie gleefully displayed. He wanted to date around and date a lot.

Sherry saw all the signs and bid Ernie happy trails.

Luis is the “the man”

Realistically? Everywoman wants to date Luis – the first human to move on to Sesame Street – he is a dreamy dreamer – a handy man – who serenades with a guitar and can fix anything. And, he specializes in toaster repair. That’s hot. His bio says “He is a dreamer who follows his heart, and is also an aspiring writer. He sings, plays the guitar, and teaches people about Hispanic culture and language.”That’s cool.

The Salon agreed we had met princes, monsters, gentlemen and grouches. Hey, it takes a village.

So far: life is sweet for the Ladies of the Salon- and it was unanimous: no one wanted to live on Sesame Street…


Who can’t relate to the idea of leaving one chapter behind and moving on to the next?

Mike Shinoda

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