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Behind the Red Door-Taize-a night to remember


Date Night Suggestions: Wednesday in San Francisco

door-122654__180Behind the Red Door: Taize at Trinity

You enter the pitch-black, church (Trinity Church)  lit only by a burst of ruby red candles lining the altar and an array of glowing, golden candles flickering on the side altars.

You have found Taize. Pick up a lighted votive candle and a handout. Take a seat in the front of the serene, beautiful, stone church.

The Wednesday 7:30 PM event starts with a reading (it could be from Rumi, Thoreau, Wayne Dyer, the Bible)

The exquisite lead singer may begin with stunningly beautiful, hypnotic chant.

Sometimes the people in the pews are vibrant and other times quiet and meditative. There are no rules.

Sit close,  share the candle, and chant along with the rapturous singing.

It is truly a night to


The Story Behind a Door

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