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Dating 101: Nightmares- Bombed and Bad


It ain’t easy

He said he watched an elderly woman stagger into the café. She was dressed to the nines and walking funny. As he stared at this ‘vision’ he slowly realized this was “Lizza with two z’s,” his coffee date.

She arrived drunk – and fell down before making it to the table.

He crossed the room to help her up and the closer he got, he realized she was way older than she indicated on her dating profile. By 10 years, easy.

He helped her to the table.

Politely, he offered to get her a cup of coffee. She slurred a “No thanks.” It took a few minutes – she was very intoxicated. He paused. He apologized, and said something had come up at work and he would not be able to stay. Could he call her a cab? No, she said was going to meet friends for drinks across the street. He wished her well.


No Wacky Costumes

Suki was thrilled to finally meet a man online who liked to dance.
During a very long, entertaining phone call, she mentioned she loved to dance and he said, “Perfect! Be ready at 7 PM on Saturday night.”  He texted her the address for a party. She found the building, parked and in a blink, she was in a long, snaking line with overly excited people dressed up for “Halloween meets the 80’s.”  John B. found her – he, too,  was dressed in a costume.They chatted for a a bit then  he dragged her to the front of the line.

She had never seen so many outlandish costumes, and over-the-top, animated behavior. Then the doors opened and, bam! they were on TV!  She didn’t know about the KOFY  Dance Party TV show– she never wanted to be on TV- and was pushed and jostled by loud, energetic dancers who were doing “The Freak “and trying to Twerk. He dragged her on the dance floor, and danced every dance mugging for the camera. She lasted one hour hugging the wall and slipped out the door – he didn’t seem to notice.

What would you have done?

Tell me:





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