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Waking up Suddenly Single at 47? It happens


Jimmy Jack was married- then divorced – and woke up single at 47 years old.

He had lived with his parents, college roommates, his wife and bam! All of a sudden he was relegated to a “Man Cave by IKEA.’”

At first, he was pumped. He was thrilled to have a “Room of his own” with cool Budweiser mirrors. He bought a 45” 4K Ultra HD TV.  He started drinking out of Mason jars. To decorate, he bought framed, black and white posters of Ann Margaret and Ursula Andress and red Maserati’s. He placed them strategically around his cave. He was now feeling very cool. Hip.

He told his buddies it was fun living alone; he could fill his freezer with ice cream and vodka and TV Dinners. Ta da!

He walked around shirtless, in old sweatpants, seven nights a week and no one criticized him or critiqued his au courant fashion statement.


Three months later, the novelty evaporated and he was bored and lonely. He buried himself at work and avoided going home to his lonely cave each night. He had no purpose.


His sister flew in for a day to check on him. She was in shock at her big brother’s new place. She had assumed he would replicate the family home- never in 100 years did she imagine he was revert to his high school persona. She guided him into a new wardrobe. The sweat pants disappeared.

Flash forward

It took a year, some therapy, and Jimmy Jack slowly got his act together. His sister encouraged him to try online dating. She helped him get up and running on two sites. Turns out he was pretty good at first dates. Second dates were tricky – requiring more thought and candor.board-39864__180

Jimmy Jack dated 12 women before he met Rose. And she was different.

Ironically, they both attended the local university, and had taken the same Introduction to Engineering class, decades earlier. They vaguely knew one another – from afar.

Their first date he suggested going to North Beach. They walked and talked all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge and took a cab to Sausalito. After dinner, they took the last ferry back to San Francisco and kissed one another good night after a 10-hour day of mutual admiration.


They saw each other the next day and, again, fell into easy rapport and camaraderie. Their lunch date turned into walking for hours and dinner at Le Soliel on Clement Street and time spent wandering around Green Apple Books. At 9 pm, he took her home; they made plans for dinner and a movie later that week.

Jimmy Jack – Rose preferred to call him ‘Jim,” was over the moon and it was obvious Rose was smitten. And so it begins…


Kismet, serendipity, fate – call it what you will. Romance happens. First you have to show up and get in the game. Are you willing to give it a try?


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