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Why do they call them “Roofies”?


Hal (55, single, broker) was flattered by the young woman’s attention. They met  at a bar on Union Street.

She had to be 20 years younger. She was pretty, she was flirtatious and she seemed very available. She said her name was Catherine, that she lived in the Marina District, she worked for a real estate firm and went to school back east. In course of the evening,  Hal mentioned he was a jazz pianist and the collector of  fine old jazz recordings.  She was very impressed  and asked if she could hear some of the records. Why not then?

He hailed a cab, and they were at his house in no time. He brought out an impressive bottle of wine and played a few songs on the piano for her. They had a few drinks.

He woke up the next morning; his television, stereo, laptop, and several valuable paintings and been removed from the walls. His wallet was empty.

Hal said he felt like a sucker. He was completely taken to the cleaners. It took awhile, he realized what had happened. His pride was hurt – but his wallet was devastated. He tell everyone to watch their drinks.


Thom ( Single,  32, corporate)  joined a few friends for drinks in San Francisco after work. During the course of the evening,  he met Annette, an outgoing and vivacious woman his age. They hit  it off. They laughed and talked and drank- evidently, they had a lot in common. He invited her back to his place.

He woke up the next morning. He was passed out on his bed.  Thom’s front door was open. His wallet was empty, his computer was gone. He had no recollection of getting home. Stuff was missing.

Angry, confused and incensed, Thom called and Annette and she said everything was fine when she left, nothing was amiss. Little Miss Peaches and Cream had no idea what he was talking about. She had to get off the phone she was running off to a meeting. Click.

Never to be seen again.

He knew he had been “roofied.”

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RoofiesDate Rape Drug 

Kinds of Roofies: See: Here

  • Rohypnol is also known as:Forget Pill
    LA Rochas
    Lunch Money
    Mexican Valium
    Mind Erasers
    Poor Man’s Quaalude
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