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Puffy Daddy and the Blonde


I was way too early for an appointment.

I had time to kill, so I watched this much younger blonde try to pick up an older, puffy guy with the bad dye job and fake tan.

Sitting at the window, I watched as he pulled up to the restaurant in the big red Maserati and walk into the cafe like he owned the joint.

He spotted her across the room- she threw him a big wave (here I am!) He had a swagger in his stride. He plopped into the chair.  She was beaming. They appeared to exchange pleasantries. This girl was dripping with sugar. He snapped his fingers for the waiter. The kid behind the counter, looked perplexed and walked over. Imperiously, he ordered Fish-o-filet. The kid said he could have a tuna sandwich. The man ordered, “a chocolate milkshake – shaken not stirred.” Really? 

She actually glowed as she watched him. Her posture changed and she leaned in and seemed to hang on his every word. He was cavalier- talked loudly and was very animated. He gave off an aura of who gives a damn.

Curious, I walk by the couple on the way to the loo and heard her say, “You are so powerful.”

“Yes, I am,” he agreed.

Schlock and Awe

On my way back, I stopped near the couple to study the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass poster on the wall.

She was hughly fawning all over Puffy Daddy with the Howdy Doody hair. She had crossed and uncrossed her legs several times since I started nonchalantly peering.

The Love Fest continued and I overheard her say, “We’ve always been friendly.” He agreed.

Mr. Bluster and Miss Sleep to the Top? 

I slipped into a chair nearby and pretended to tie my shoe- I didn’t think they would notice I was wearing clogs.

He said “Hey, Babe, what’s your real name?”

She said her father, a doctor in Alabama, wanted to call her OB GYN and her mother changed it to Meg GYN

She bragged she was a rebellious teenager and that   she dropped a “g.”

“That’s what I thought’” he said.


Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, my appointment arrived and we had a lot to talk about.



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