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San Francisco Secret Neighborhood: Glen Park

Hot spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner and jazz – Glen Park –

the only boring thing is the name.

Tucked away-below Diamond Heights and down the hill from once famous Tower Market (now Mollie Stones), is a neighborhood so special and unique, local denizens don’t want you to know about it.

Glen Park may be a best-kept secret neighborhood and Catherine the Great, is the Glen Park specialist. A native San Franciscan, with a keen, insider’s knowledge, she recently escorted a small coterie of foodies through the charming streets providing a fact-filled and fun review of the retail and dining establishments.  Hey, there is a reason they call her “great”.

There is so much there ~ there

Comprised of over two dozen stellar stores, restaurants, and cafés- Glen Park has a wine bar, a phenomenal jazzy bookstore, a fabulous gift store, and an upscale-yet-cozy dinner-only restaurant. There is a new library, a very popular pizza place, an intimate French bistro, a coffee house creperie, an authentic dive bar, a delicatessen, a cheese store, and yummy breakfast at a mom-and-pop style joint. And more. A lot more -for you to explore.

The Stars of Glen Park Dining

The perpetual debate about who has the best pizza in the City is never ending. People in the know, say the winner is Gialina Pizza. On week ends -with a line snaking down the street- and a one to two hour wait – this popular pizza place has a giant following. Gialina may be the City’s Number One pizza restaurant. You decide. Be prepared to wait in line and know: it’s worth it.

Red and White Wine Bar
Packed, popular, and price point perfect. Expect a great selection of wines from around the world and a good menu for nibbles and light fare. Oh, happy day: Happy Hour is from 3pm – 6pm.

Chenery Park Restaurant A dinner-only house -stellar chefs with impressive pedigrees in a neighborhood restaurant, dubbed: upscale, yet homey. Tuesday nights are famous for a semblance of “well behaved kids night” and some of the best-fried chicken you’ve ever had. Online reservations available.

L’ Petit Laurent Fans of the old romantic and delicious Clementine Restaurant on Clement St. were sad when it closed, however they followed the chef to Glen Park. Extraordinary menu – cassoulet – divine. Be prepared: it really is tres petit, cozy and try the cassoulet- c’est magnifique.

Tygers – has been in the neighborhood for 30 years – this very popular eatery is packed on weekends. A classic SF mom-and-pop type joint. You’ll be impressed with a large number of great breakfast entrees. Yes, there will be a line: and it is worth the wait.

Lights, Poetry, Jazz, Action –

Name a bookstore in the City that has live jazz performances, poetry open mic, plus a phenomenal array of books? The one and only: Bird & Beckett Books and Records. A gold mine of music with huge range of books- new, used and collectable. Friday, May 21, 5:30 pm Jazz in the Bookshop with the lively Peterson/Prell Quartet,

Are you Gifted? Want to Be?

There are redundant gift stores with a Hallmark card flavor all over the City. Perched in a perfect location is one of the best gift-bauble-trinket-card-luxury item emporiums: Perch. It is hard not to swoon at the excellent inventory. See for yourself. An outstanding greeting card selection. Prices? Impressive. Get on your high Perch.

We Quaffed, We Laughed, We Dined

The Glen Park tour by our beloved Catherine the Great was extraordinary…she led us down primrose paths to fun, phenomenal  food and great drinks. The coterie loved the day and love her!

BONUS: Glenn Park is across the street from BART. Perfect: a date destination easy to get to on BART or MUNI. Leave your car and take public transportation. See Glen Park BART station

Take a Hike: Glen Canyon Park is 70 acres of wilderness rarely found within a city. Explore the numerous hiking trails and check out the boulders used for practice by local rock climbers. Picnic-perfect-place.


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