Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Computer Dating: Hearts or Solitaire? Your deal

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Once Upon a time, in 1966, the rage was a new trend called “Computer Dating”

Boxes of colored IBM punch cards and computers the size of a Volkswagen Bug

were de rigueur.

‘Matchmakers’ were considered old fashioned and passé. Having “Hal” the computer, do the work was the hot, new way to get boys and girls together. It was groovy and neat. Need a date for a hootenanny?

“Thousands of boys and girls who’ve never met plan weekends together, for now that punch-card dating’s here, can flings be far behind? And oh, it’s so right, baby. The Great God Computer has sent the word. Fate. Destiny. Go-go-go.”— Look Magazine, February 1966

Picky, Picky, Picky: Online dating peccadilloes

So what has changed since the thrilling 1960’s?  Today, there are dozens of studies analyzing every aspect of online dating, comparisons of dating sites, and coping with being Suddenly Single.   Analysis done at UC Berkeley indicates that when it come to on line dating.  women tend to be much pickier than men. Interesting.  It also sounds like the girls are a lot less flexible in their ‘Preferences’ for age and ethnicity than the boys.  Perhaps more girls are still subscribing to that old hunter-gatherer syndrome: Men hunt – Women wait to be contacted?

What’s up with that? Bon vivant, Johnny in Los Gatos says ‘It’s all a numbers game. And, you’ve got to get in the game or you don’t get to play.” Game on!

By the see – by the see

Evidence also states that men involved in Online Dating, cast a wider net than women.  Guys generally have very few limits, or restrictions, when they are looking for their potential dates. As a rule, guys tend to contact more women – more often. Men are consistently labeled as being ‘visual’.  

Some guys  get  “virtual whiplash” from all the speedy scanning  photographs of women on

FACT: For men it is are all about pictures.

 Dating guru, Dr Diana Kirschner, author of the best selling, Love in 90 Days, encourages women to register on, at least, two dating sites and to make the date quest a daily priority.   Bottom line? Lighten up, enjoy the game and make friends. Be careful out there.


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