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Online dating photos: Get in the skin game?

222.Dear Page Larkin,

You are right! It is all about the pictures with online dating.

I spent hours creating a cute, sexy, profile. I plugged my favorite romantic places, my love for Victoria’s Secret, and love for skiing and hot cars.

Being a virtual Virgin, I only posted one good photo (from work,)

Yes, the men from “ The A states” (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas) responded. I want to meet the guy next door-next Town-next County.

You said, “A  good picture’s worth 1000 flirts.” I had a friend take 15 photos of me in V-Neck blouses, low cut tops, strappy and strapless tops and Bam! My mailbox is full of notes and winks. Tell the girls, it’s true. Don’t waste time on purple prose; it’s all about the clothes and the pictures.

Kelly In Carmichael

Dear Kelly,  Thank you – and this is a tricky, slippery slope. It is great to receive  a plethora of posts from  men who are interested in you via photo and it’s even better when you have lots in common.  See the letter from Bertha Gomez of Santa Clara who met the love of her life on

Dear Page, (Perhaps my story is unique.)

 I was on for six months and ready to quit when I got a note from a guy –  he had a strange profile name and average pictures.  I thought, “Oh, what a heck,” and I read his profile.  He had me on the first sentence.  He was clever and funny and very smart.  We liked a lot of the same things.  And, I responded.  On our 4th date he revealed he didn’t like my profile picture because of the hat I was wearing (a very expensive, attractive sun hat.) We have been together for two years. He is the love of my life, and we are engaged. It happens!

Bertha Gomez 

Dear Bertha: All the Single Girls love your story! 

 See Here: Five Examples: Bad Photos- What Not to Do

Classic examples of what not to do: Do not hide behind a camera; nobody wants to see the back of your head. Hiding behind  glasses and bouquet of flowers-not a great idea. And, chugging a bottle of wine?  You might want to rethink that message.


Happy Spring! Tell me your love story.






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