Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Want to get Hooked on Dating?

A grandfather’s advice about fishing applies to

Dating at 50, too.

As a boy growing up in Hawaii, Grand Dad learned to deftly throw fishing nets and catch beautiful fish. His lifelong mantra was, “Cast the net high, wide, and often.”

If you are Suddenly Single, a mere beginner at “Networking and Dating” you can prosper by his sage advice. How does his mantra translate to dating success for you?


So you want to start dating again?

Open your eyes, your heart and your hard drive. That means: choose more than one social networking avenue (online dating site) to dance down. Happy Spring! Embrace the new and make this endeavor a daily routine. You will have to work at it. Note: Online Dating takes time – and can be very fun!

You’ve heard it said before: “You are not going to meet anyone sitting in your living room”… unless you are online and exploring dating sites.

Try Two Free Dating Sites

Many dating neophytes start cruising the anonymous aisles of Craigslist looking for love – a wink, a flirt or an email exchange. Craig’s  is a good place to start and practice. I heartily endorse spending time on the site. Explore the aisles, read some ads. Actually, read a lot of ads. Check out, “Women looking for Men” and “Men Looking for Women” in your age group. (Tip:Date your decade, Binkie.)

No doubt, you will be entertained, educated or perhaps bored by what you read. Some ads are succinct, others are silly, some are tres obnoxious, and others interesting. Take the time to read ads from different cities   (See: Manhattan, Chicago and Los Angeles, for a lark) Compare and contrast. And, be careful where you step.

Sign Up for OkCupid and Take a Spin Around the Block.

Remember, one drawback to free sites- there are no dues, no rules, no screening and therefore, there is totally anonymity. Some people revel in hiding behind a monitor – others throw caution to the wind and jump in the fray, heart first. Sign on to OkCupid and look around. Take your time. Sign up, be discreet, and above all: have fun in this new exploration.


Cast your net – open your eyes, your heart, and plan to do some research.

It takes time, persistence and optimism.

Now, get out there and have fun. Happy Spring.


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