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Top 5 things to bring on a first date

kids_-7Page Larkin’s Top Five Things to Bring on a First Date:
1. Your charged Cell phone
2. Money for a taxi
3. House Keys/Car Keys

 4. Identification – Don’t leave home without it.

5. The Speed-dial phone number of your pal,  “The Contact Person” – the friend who knows exactly where you are going – with whom (Name, Rank, Serial Number) and, at what time.

Get Smart: Trust your gut – if it doesn’t feel right- it isn’t.

Not exactly what you were looking for?Always trust your intuition. There are certain logical guidelines for an initial meeting. You know when something is not right. Don’t bring or wear excessive jewelry /valuables.

Remember, Binkie, it’s a coffee date – not show and tell. (Leave the bling and the credit cards at home.)

Strangers in the Night? If you are feeling strangely uncomfortable with the person –not just nervous- excuse yourself and call it quits – gently. (“Look at the time, nice meeting you – I’ve got to go. Good luck.”)

Not a Match

It happens. If you feel compelled to provide an explanation, say you have to make a phone call, have to move your car, or meet a friend or get to work. C’est fini.

Oh, no! Horrible photo...

Wrong guy….

The Great Escape: Deal-breakers

Men and women both need ‘A Great Escape’ in a truly uncomfortable situation. Let’s say you meet your ‘Perfect Date’ and you notice the ‘Non-smoker’ reeks of smoke and has cigarettes peeking out of their pocket. Time to go? Deal breaker?

Or their rude or quirky behavior freaks you out – that simple. You are uncomfortable and something is so strange you have a visceral reaction.

Pay attention to red flags.

A warning sign for the publicFive Items


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