Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

On the road – Dating Drive – again?


Buckle Up, Binkie – it’s going to a rough ride.

When you are back in the saddle, again – Suddenly Single and about to “try” dating one more time – take it easy. Breathe. Don’t rush into the  process – take it one day at a time.HEARTSTSandy K.  is 70, single (after about three 5-year long – relationships.) She, admittedly, is lonely and really, really, wants to be in a relationship. She is petite and attractive, has a few interests: loves gardening and knitting, is a retired attorney and is “frugal.” (read: penny-pinching and cheap)

And, she expects any man who dates her to pay for every thing. She claims is it an ‘old school’ tradition and that she embraces time-honored rules. She had one date with a baker, a butcher, and a handle-bar maker. Each time, she was disappointed because each  said, “Let’s split this.” Then they said, “It’s been fun – good luck!”

We talked about the dating path she had taken. Sandra K. was impatient and knew she had let a couple of really good guys ‘get away.’

Why did they leave? It was always about money. She had it – she didn’t like spending it on others.  She is too young to have Depression Mentality. She laughs it off saying she is just like her Scottish Great Aunt- who lived alone, on a beautiful ranch in southern Oregon. She had acres of land, a huge home, staff and rode horses until she was 80. Alone.

Can people change?  For an assignment, Sandra K. agreed to go on a Singles Cruise where she successfully alienated three ‘interested’ single men her age. We talked about her stand-offish, aloof, demeanor. She blamed the men. She took no responsibility for her boorish behavior and said she would rather be single than pay her own way.

Sadly, she is going to get her wish. Hers is a lonely and rocky road.


The Road Less Traveled


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