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Please be my funny valentine; Isn’t it romantic?

Ol Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra,  was the man women wanted, and the man men wanted to be.

The crooner was a pop culture icon, an idol, heartthrob, playboy and a ladies man. His repertoire of love songs – is famously romantic, melodious and ubiquitous. 

Sinatra songs leak into your life- when you least expect it. You can hear one of the famous crooner’s songs several times a day; in your car, in the elevator, at a shopping center, the dentist’s office and the car wash. Sinatra is romantic surround sound. With everybody’s Romance Radar on high in February, a review of Sinatra’s Top 20 songs seemed fun and timely.

Isn’t it Romantic?

Sinatra’s song titles are catchy and clever enough, they could be on T-shirts or a Valentine cards. Can you select ten Sinatra song titles to illustrate a recent romance? It might read something like this:

“In the wee small hours of the morning, I’m going to sit right down to write myself a letter, I have got a crush on you; it had to be you. As time goes by, everybody loves somebody sometime. What kind of fool am I? Call me irresponsible. Exactly like you, anything goes. For once in my life, I’ve got it bad, and that ain’t good. I could have danced all night. I’m leaving on a jet plane, Come fly with me”.


Say: Cupid Made me Do It
Here’s the great thing about Valentine’s Day: you can send valentines (snail mail, e-mail, text, hire the airplane that pulls the banner) to everyone you know, have a light (or heavy) crush on, or perhaps were crushed by.
Keep it light, always err on the side of light – helium light.

February 14th is the best day of the year to throw caution to the wind and send fun and flirty salutations. Keep it simple, sweetie: suggest going for a hike, meeting for coffee, tea or a glass of bubbly.

It’s good for your heart. Blame Cupid.


Get in the mood for love. Put the Monday New York Times Crossword away, download a Sinatra CD and compose a ‘Sinatra Poem’. Happy hearts.


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